Chapter 17

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Damn, I thought I was going to die~……

Rei thinks so while sitting on the bed.
The current time was noon, but Rei was tired to such extent he mistook the time for the night.

The reason is because Ani continued to stroke Rei’s head who become a beastgirl.

That was dangerous, the feeling of electric crawling around your body is definitely not something a human can experience, truly unique sensation.
I have almost awakened to something bad.
I will never let him do that again.
Because Dad is in the living room, I should stay here a little longer.

After thinking about it, Rei started his one-hour muscle workout routine.
He hears Ari’s voice from below one hour later.

“… Rei, come here!”

Rei answers and obediently comes down to the first floor.
When he opens the door, Ari grabs Rei’s shoulder.
Ari asks the slightly surprised Rei.

“Errr… What the heck is that?”
“… Rei, you……”

Ari makes a space between her and Rei.
Rei thinks that Ani may have exposed his skill and breaks in a cold sweat.
Ari continues talking to Rei.

“Entering a Magic Academy or hiring a home tutor, which do you like more?”
“…… Eh?”

Because what he was thinking about was different his head was left blank for a while.
However, Ari didn’t mind this and continued.

“… I talked with friends at the reunion and there was a friend who said that most children would enter the Magic Academy, but there are also some who employ a tutor」
The children are of your age.”
“I want a tutor please.”

There was a reason why he answered instantly without having to think about it.

“… Why?”
“The reason I don’t want to enter Magic Academy is, that I’d rather have a tutor of martial arts.”

That is the official reason.

“…… I understand.”

After being convinced Ari approaches the entrance door again.
And she says to Rei.

“I’m going to look for one now… Do you want to come with me?”

It would be unpleasant to get a macho-sensei.
Therefore… I want to choose a female tutor!

After thinking such, Rei goes to Ari.

“… Well then, let’s go.”

Rei and Ari went outside.

By the way, the real reason I want to choose a home tutor instead a Magic Academy is simply the fact that I’m too lazy to commute.

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