Chapter 16

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I slept just like that until the morning.
Hearing Mom’s voice calling me, I go down and see Mom wearing fashionable clothes, she was in a hurry preparing for something.

“What are you doing, Mom?”
“… I didn’t tell you Rei? Today is the class reunion of the Magic Academy.”

Ah, Magic Academy… Such a place exist!?
I’d like to see it one day~… Someday.

“… Therefore I will be out until the evening.”
“Is that so?”
“You will guard the house together with Ani, the lunch is already made.”
“Yes, I understand.”
“N… Good boy, good boy.”

While Ari says she squats down and gently pats Rei’s head.
When she finishes and heads towards the door, she tells Rei.

“… Rei, watch Ani so that he doesn’t do anything strange.”
“I know.”
“… Then, I’m going.”
“See you.”

After hearing Rei’s reply, Ari picked up her bag, opened the door and left.
Rei confirms that Ari left and then he sighs.

“… So bothersome~, watching over Dad.”

When Rei said that, somebody calls from behind.

“Good morning~, Rei.”
“Ah, good morning.”

There stood his half-asleep father who was scratching his head with crunchy expression.
When Rei smiled at him, his sleepiness went away immediately.

“Mom will be away until evening, because of her Class reunion.”
“Oh, I heard something like that yesterday”
“Ah, is that so. Then the story is quick-”
“I will change right away and hit on women.”

Rei plunges into Ani reflectively.

While Mom is not here hitting on women, does this fellow wants to make a harem?
Damn… If I’m careless I will have another mother.
I must prevent it.

Rei calms down and speaks in his usual tone calmly.

“… You can’t, if Mom finds out, I’m afraid that this time ‘that’ will be chopped off.”

Ani remembers the last half homicide and his sweat breaks out in a rush.

“… Jo-, it was just a joke! To not even get such a joke, Rei you are so dull~!!”

Soaked in sweat, you are absolutely not convincing, Dad.
Well, with this, it will be safe for a while.

“Then, let’s stay at home until the evening.”
“O, oou… Okay.”

You don’t want your son to experience stopping his horny father.
Well, let’s head to my room and practice magic at once-

Just at this moment, Ani stops Rei from leaving.

“Rei, wait a second.”
“What is it, I have something to do now though?”
“You have promised me, that you will turn into my beastman daughter.”

I forgoooot!!!?
What to do, I don’t want to become a woman!
I must use any means to prevent losing something important as a man!!!

Rei dashed to his room while screaming inwardly.
However, Ani foresaw this and grasps on Rei’s neck from the back.

“You will keep your promise right~?”

Ani smiles with a perverted smile.

“I’m feeling somewhat sick, I will take a nap.”
“Liar, you were intending to run away right?”
“Nono, I had no intention to.”
“Then, let’s go to the living room right away?”
“……… Yes.”

Ani who was able to stop Rei, takes Rei to the living room.
Rei struggles desperately, but he is not able to escape from Ani.

Rei was brought to the living room and was put right before Ani.
Rei was thinking of escaping, but he couldn’t because Ani stood in front of the door.
Therefore he thought about escaping from the window, but it was too far away.
Rei thought a considerable amount of getaway routes, but he judged all of them impossible to work, so he gave up in the end.

“Quickly, let me see.”
“… What If I won’t?”
“Then I will have to tell mother~”

Shit, this fellow is an idiot, but his brain works exceptionally good when it comes to stupid stuff.
Completely unexpected.

Ani can see discouraged Rei, but he talks without minding it.

“That’s that, let me see it~”
“… Waah~ ………”

Rei who gave up, reluctantly transforms into a beast girl.
It is a cat person this time.
Will I be able to choose on the race on my own when I level up?~

Ani slightly touches Rei’s cat ears.
A feeling of electric shock attacks Rei instantly.


What is this feeling… !
I see, ears are Beastmen’s weak point… NOT!
I have to transform back-

“Good good.”

Rei’s voice softens and his face gets comfortable.
Ani smirks while seeing such expression and says.

“The stroking is not ending yet~!!”
“… Sto, stoop!!!”

A lovely girl’s voice could be heard until the lunch.

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