Chapter 15

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One week has passed since that turmoil.

That day Mom nearly killed Dad, literally.
By the way, Dad doesn’t have any serious injuries, the one almost getting killed was… Dad’s son.
I heard from mother later that day, that she kicked ‘that’ with all her might.
Just hearing about it, I’m in pain myself, however, because Mom went berserk it was inevitable… I think.

After one week the mood between my parents is still serious (Mom is the only one uptight though).
When my eyes meet with Dad, he looks at me with anger.
I did my best, but Mom was one step ahead then I simply talked, Dad hates me because of that.
He is like a little child holding a grudge against me, glaring wanting to question me, it is becoming bothersome.

There were no problems so far, because Mom was always beside me.
When I thought I should do something that would please Dad to make up for my mistake, he wanted me to turn into a beast girl.
I wanted to smack him at first, but since what happened was also partly because of me, I will do it this time.

After thinking about it for a while, Rei went back to his room.
That is because Rei wanted to read the book about magic he brought from the library a few days ago.
At the first page, there was written that magic can be used once a person learns the chants.
Rei wanted to believe in what was written in the book, so he will practice the magic right now.

“…… Okay, let’s do it.”

Since Rei wrote down most of the chants he found in the library beforehand, memorizing was an easy feat.
I should close the curtain first.

“Umm, if I remember correctly… Spirit of the light, hear my words. Light up this world drown in darkness, Light Orb.”

After the chant ends, a ball of light about 15 centimeters in diameter appears before Rei’s eyes.
Rei feels impressed as he watches the small orb illuminating his slightly dark room.

“Ohh… ! This is good… However, the chant is too long!.”

Rei’s excitement is destroyed.
This should be the spell with the shortest chant in the book.
This would be useful in the darkness, but with chant this long, attack magic chants will be probably way longer.

At such times, the protagonist in novels would suddenly evolve his chants, but I’m not so unreasonable.
Because there was only one book in the library with information about magic, there is far too little information.
Not to mention there is no way there would be something like chantless magic right~
While having such thoughts, the Light Orb gradually loses its brightness and disappears.

Too soon!

It hasn’t even been 5 minutes, the efficiency of this spell is bad.
Rei confirms his MP with Analytic Eyes, at the beginning it was full at 30, it had dropped to 15 points.
In other words, a Light Orb that won’t last more than five minutes consumes half of my MP.

“…… There is room for improvement.”

Rei falls down on the bed while muttering.
Such lazy body~, does perhaps consuming MP tire out the body?
… Well, I will have to practice later again.

Rei’s breathing gradually calmed down.

The door is being knocked at.
Ani speaks from the other side while opening the door.

“Rei, I’m coming in~ Let me see the beast girl soon~!”

Ani shouts while entering, but there is no reply, Rei is already asleep.
When he sees Rei’s sleeping face, Ani sighs with a smile.

“You fell asleep… Such cute sleeping face~ … I will have to ask next time.”

Ani left Rei’s room while smiling.

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