Chapter 53

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Great Cheering after Magic Battle Day 2
The next day. The second day of the Magic Battle.

When I woke up in the morning, I was looking at Ena who was cleaning as usual when the urge to urinate came.
After calling Ena while enduring, she immediately guessed and brought the potty.
Because the potty was already in the baby room, she quickly took off my the pants of my pajamas and the diaper.
I can still endure. I feel like I could do it today!

I release it immediately after sitting down on the potty.




Thus, I was able to greet the celebration of the potty anniversary with satisfaction.
But, I would like you not to misunderstand. Potty training doesn’t end with peeing in the potty.
Potty training should be done until the diaper can be securely removed.
My days of battles have just begun.




Just like yesterday, today’s plan is to watch the second day of the Magic Battle in the theater.
I change into the formal wear like yesterday…… rather, I’m changed into them.

The appearances are different this time, short sleeves dress shirt with a necktie. A small flower brooch on my chest. The skirt is girly and gorgeous tutu skirt. The fluffy, polka dot type.
The fluttering lace on the hem of the skirt has a showy and cute accent.
It’s a female student style no matter how you look.
Speaking of formal wear, it would be the uniform…… I can’t slightly accept it, or rather, is it my imagination that these clothes feel familiar?

Both of the adults from the female camp have a tight pants suit.
It suits Ena’s slender body very well. It’s precisely the coolness of a career woman.
Her usual updo hair is let loose today.

Annela Obaasama who is also wearing the pants suit has glasses today.

Rather, it’s my first time seeing glasses. I’m surprised that glasses exist in this world.
Even if they existed, I thought it would be only the one eyeglasses――the so-called monocle that would exist, I didn’t think it would be the common type from my previous life.

Annela Obaasama wearing glasses is six times as magnificent and lovely.
Her gesture of lifting the edge of the glasses and putting her other hand on the waist is exactly the image of a female teacher.
To Obaasama shines too dazzlingly to be looked upon directly, I wanted to prostrate before her.
I can confidently say that the overly perfect Obaasama became even more perfect.

As for Ellie, the remaining girl of the female camp, should I say as expected or what, she’s wearing the same dress shirt and tutu skirt as me.
Besides the flower on the brooch, there’s nothing different.
It’s the very picture of close sisters.
I don’t think Ellie can pick her own outfit, I guess this was her aim from the beginning.
As if phantom flowers bloomed in the background, she sits next to me with a lovely smile.

Speaking about the two men, Roland Ojiisama has a tailored jacket that fits his large stature.
He’s wearing it rough without buttoning all the way up. The dress shirt he’s wearing below is also not fully buttoned.
Naturally, he’s not wearing a necktie. It’s strange that the formalness is oozing from the roughness.

Theo has a dress shirt, necktie, and school pants.
There’s a brooch clinging to his chest, the pattern is that of a sapling. That’s most likely the Asherah tree.

When the six of us line up, it looks as if we were going to a school entrance ceremony.


We arrive at the same boxed seats as yesterday, and the downstairs was busy as well.
Today, it didn’t get quiet even after we entered. I wonder if such a directive was given in advance?
I guess it’s like that during a festival celebrated once in four years.
Roland Ojiisama made such passionate speech yesterday, it probably meant that.

It seems the Silver Eye was activated, and a picture seemed to be projected without any delay.
It appears there weren’t any fine adjustments needed today. It may be only natural because it worked yesterday perfectly fine for about 10 Hals. Or perhaps, it was adjusted beforehand.
A live announcement has conveyed the content’s of today’s competition, but I knew beforehand because Annela Obaasama told me in advance.
Today is the team competition.

Of course, Claire will appear as well. Far from that, Alek will appear too.
My parents are participating under the Ovent Kingdom’s national team.

It’s a team battle in which groups of one to five people can register freely.
Because it’s a team battle, they are registered under a team name, not individual names.
The name of the team apparently can be anything as long as it doesn’t contravene the public order and morals.
Obaasama looked at a pamphlet like thing and told me that there’s an interesting name.

” X ”

Surprisingly, that’s the pen-name of the author who writes about organisms standing on two legs.
I heard that it’s not the author himself, but most likely a fan or something.
Because you can choose the name of your liking, it’s also often used for promotional purposes such as naming the team after store which raised funds for you.
Well, it’s also a reason why it’s a double-edged sword, as if you get miserably defeated, your credence will conversely fall.
But, most of the names…… no, it’s not to that extent, but it’s overflowing with chuuni names.
For example, Sky Soaring Pegasus or Sword of Darkness, there are many names that make me cringe.
Compared to these, I think that the Ovent Kingdom’s national team sounds much better. They are very safe and nice words. Safety is the best.

Incidentally, the rules are not much different from the individual match.
At the most, the limit length of the game increased from 5 Rin to 15 Rin, up to five people in a team can fight in a match, in other words, up to ten people will fight on the stage.
Also, instead of the normal damage substitute magic tool, the fighters will have a damage substitute magic tool that forces them out of the stage and paralyzes them.
Because they fight in groups, there would be a possíbility of a foul act without such measures.


The matches are 15 Rin which is longer than the individual matches, but there’s five times the number of people.
Strategy and cooperation are the points of note in the team battle. I, who can’t see the image of the Silver Eye has to guess only by the sounds and commentary.

The 1st match and 2nd match lasted until the judgment time.
It appears that team battles fundamentally last long as it takes to fully accumulate damage to the entire team.
In addition to the delicate number of five on five, it appears to be very difficult to defeat all members in 15 Rin.
Because there are four more if you cut through one, defeating everyone would be difficult unless you bring two members every 5 Rin.
Because the number of contesting teams in the final contest is 25, the number of games itself is less than individual matches, but the number of people to beat is five.

The first nine games were rather quiet, and all had to be judged when they reached the time limit.
Exactly as I said, the victory and defeat of all nine games had to be decided by judgment.
Incidentally, the 1st-3rd places of the previous team competition and four special frame teams of the four countries are seeds. There are as many as seven seeds, but this seems to be a custom.
Unlike the individual competition, Claire and Alek are part of the national team which represents one of the four countries.
The other teams consist of strong men that passed strict selections such as individual battles.
However, the only four national teams representing the four countries are apparently considerably powerful.
By the way, the registration for preliminary rounds started one and half years ago, and the preliminary round started half a year ago. Approximately 200 teams registered for the team preliminaries, apparently over 900 people competed to qualify. It’s not 1000 because not all teams had five members. There apparently was a one man team. Naturally, he didn’t qualify for the final stage.
All teams in the final contest have five members. It can be said that numbers embody strength.

The 10th match was the turn of the Ovent Kingdom’s national team with Claire and Alek. They grabbed a victory by judgment after a stable match.
The strategy in the team battle apparently emphasized cooperation and not the reckless use of White Flames like during the individual contest.
The White Flames is difficult to use if there are companions around because of the activation around the caster, Annela Obaasama explained.
It seems to be usable, but only when four people other than Claire collapse.

By the way, the Ovent Kingdom’s national team didn’t reach even the top eight in the previous tournament.
They were defeated at the start of the tournament by the team with twin Pygmies who were the winners of the tournament.
Those twin Pygmies were ruffians and broke through Claire’s White Flames head on.
It was apparently not feasible to do alone, but because they were two, furthermore twins, they were able to do it. The team of the twins who broke through the White Flames which is considered the strongest spell head on, is participating in this tournament as members of a country of Longears, Longhairs, and Pygmies――the Saudoheid Republic.
It seems that there is no problem with 1st-3rd place teams seeding even if the team members is somewhat different, as long as at least three members of the team are the same.


The urge to pee came in the middle of the 11th match, but succeeded in enduring without fail.


“Baa~ba, chi-chi.”

“My, oh my, how admirable you are, Lily-chan. Elliana-san.”


“Yes, now Lily, let’s endure until the potty this time, okay?”


Obaasama promptly handed me over to Ena, and the wonderfully equipped Scarlet-san opened the door leading to the guest room.
I might make it this time. But, I can’t be careless. Because I don’t know when it will burst.


“Lily, do your best. Just a little more, okay?”


I intend to try hard because of Ena’s encouragement, but because I don’t know how to try hard, I strain my abdominal muscles and start enduring for now.
But, this didn’t work well.
The moment I put a strain on my abdominal muscles, my little water tank burst.






It appears Ena immediately noticed.
When she confirmed that the diaper started to get wet, she made a disappointed face for just a moment. But, she immediately comforts me with a gentle expression.


“It’s all right, Lily. Let’s also work hard next time, okay?”


It seems that parents are not very good at making negative faces to babies. Babies closely observe the expressions of their parents. That’s why I notice various things.
Therefore, if you make a negative expression, the baby will notice and become sad. Usually, babies associate the action just before that with its cause. It seems that there are times when not being able to hold the pee can become a pressure.
Because of that, the diaper period can easily extend.
Ena might properly know about it. It seems that her disappointed expression quickly changed into a smile because of that.

Because I feel slightly relieved because of Ena’s smile, it certainly does have a big effect.


Let’s endure without straining my abdominal muscles next time.
But, how should I endure? Because my pee holding was on an unconscious level in my previous life, I have no idea how to endure.
How troubling.

My diaper was quickly replaced, I was seated on the potty for practice again, then we returned to the seats.


Although the matches didn’t progress even by one, it appears there will be a lunch break after it finishes.
Because I peed a lot, I drank more fruit water than usual, so I am not hungry that much.
Although I had drainage, my stomach feels flabby.

I might not be able to eat much of lunch today……
Even though I drank more than usual, the little girl body can’t take in so much, of course, it would get full, huh……

By the way, the lunch menu is a sandwich just like yesterday, but the fillings were different, it was fresh and delicious.
Because I took my time and ate more slowly than yesterday, the competition considerably advanced when we returned.
I wasn’t sleepy enough for a nap today, so I decided to continue listening to the matches.

It appears that those twins representing the Saudoheid Republic have smoothly advanced to the next round. It seems there was no stunning upset.


Our Okaasama and Otousama representing the Ovent Kingdom’s team fought to the bitter end and achieved a victory.
They have entered the best eight. Given that they only felt bitterness during the previous tournament, the downstairs was very fierce. When the judgment of victory was finalized, the theater shook with great cheers.

Obaasama’s usual nonchalant smiling face became even more dazzling.
She seems to be very happy. The previous tournament must have been very frustrating.


The subsequent matches were without any unexpected results, proceeding smoothly. The Saudoheid Republic’s team easily crushed the previous champions, and the Ovent Kingdom’s national team attained victory in the semifinal without any danger.
The Saudoheid Republic’s team also won their semifinal match, and the final match turned out to be the Saudoheid Republic vs. the Ovent Kingdom as most people expected.

Prior to that, the 3rd place match took place, and the excitement in the theater was at its peak.
Because the next match will be the first in four years since the last match.


The final game which became one of the most noteworthy games today has ended in a somewhat different way from the expectations.
Because one of the twins was engulfed and disabled by the Blazing Bow fired by Claire right at the start of the match.
It was apparently only possible because it was a pinpoint momentary gap right from at the beginning of the match.
It was a strike that made Annela Obaasama say well done, and push up her glasses.
Immediately after that, a tremendous roar from the downstairs shook the theater more than ever before.

Because of the loss of one of the twins, the rest of the match was mostly one-sided.
It was a quite quick fall of the curtain, but both the arena and the downstairs were passionately excited. They are surely this passionately excited because they are from the host country.
The representatives of their country are flourishing. Moreover, they overwhelmingly won their revenge match. It’s impossible not being excited.

Shortly after, before passing the 15 minutes mark, the Saudoheid Republic’s national team has been destroyed.
The Ovent Kingdom’s national team have become the winners of the team competition.


Getting revenge for the disgrace from four years ago, Claire’s two successive individual competition championships, because of the great achievements, both the arena and the theater were excitedly shouting, and the second day of Magic Battle came to the end.

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