Chapter 51

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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A Grand Step after Silver Eye
A significant amount of servants gathered in the large hall, and they are impatiently waiting for the projection.
An enormous magic tool is placed on what is apparently the stage. People doing the final checks are busily moving about.

My grandparents, siblings, Ena and myself are sitting in box seats above the servants, eagerly waiting.
Everyone settles in the prepared seats and the maid-san with wonder bunny equipment I saw many times is serving black tea to the numerous people.
Naturally, I have the usual fruit water. Today’s flavor seems to be orange.
The flavor of the fruit water is different each time. The flavor generally suits the weather or the cuisine of the day.
We are inside a theater where air conditioning is in full effect, it’s not chilly, just a bit lukewarm. Warm orange juice is also quite a big deal.

Roland Ojiisama takes out something from his pocket, and I hear a faint sound of a lid opening.
I was able to see it a little since I’m sitting on Annela Obaasama’s lap.
There is even smaller magical power in a small circle, I remember seeing those moving parts inside somewhere else.
The bigger thing which I considered to be a clock. This is most likely a pocket watch.
Ojiisama watches the pocket watch for a while, then his gaze moves to the old butler standing beside him. Then, the old man nodded and took a thing from his pocket that I see for the first time.
It was clearly visible even to me who can see only magical power.
In other words, that thing holds magical power. Those with magical power are either living things or “magic tools.”

When the butler uttered something in detail to the magic tool, the people who were moving around the stage all at once move and disappear behind something obstructing which I consider to be a curtain.


“The preparations are complete.”

“Is that so? Good work.”


It appears that the butler’s magic tool seems to have functions like a communication device.
I had witnessed the flow of magical power of the magic tool when the butler was talking.
Is that the reaction when activating a magic tool, I wonder? The saplings I saw during the show of Theo’s treasure had hardly any flow, but this all of sudden started flowing. There’s no doubt that the flow settled the moment he stopped talking.

While staring at the old butler with excitement, witnessing the activation of a magic tool for the first time, Roland Jiisan who’s between Annela Obaasama and the butler misunderstood that he’s the one being watched, he grinned and stood up.

When the butler respectfully hands over the magic tool he has used just a little while ago to Roland Ojiisama, perhaps there was a handrail or something, as when he moved to the VIP seats, he leaned forward to hand it over.


“Ladies and gentlemen! It’s unfortunate that I can’t let you see the Magic Battle directly because of each of your respective work. However this year, I was able to borrow the “Silver Eye” from the royal castle! Although it’s not as impressive as watching it directly, I would like you to endure it! I want you to slowly enjoy it until the time of change! Saa, the Magic Battle appreciation party is starting!”


After Roland Ojiisama’s speech with enough volume to tremble with the theater, the magic tool called Silver Eye on the stage activates.
Then, thunderous applause and whistling arise.
At the same time, a very loud voice similar to the loudness of Ojiisama resounds.


“And that decides it~! The seventh game of the individual contest was Maxis Glasgow’s complete victory as expected!”


It appears it was the voice from the Magic Battle.
Furthermore, cheers of a large audience can be heard as well.
The servants downstairs also raise loud cheers.

Ojiisama returns to the seat after confirming to satisfaction.


“It seems like they have already advanced to the seventh match.” (Ena)

“Yes, it took some time to make the adjustments, it can’t be helped.” (Annela)

“We have been adjusting it all the time since yesterday…… as expected, fine adjustments for something of that size were considerably difficult.” (Roland)

“But, it’s incredible, Ojiisama! We can really see the state of that place!” (Ellie)

“Besides, the sound is properly audible, even Lily can enjoy this!” (Theo)

“Yes, that’s right~ Lily-chan. That’s the Magic Battle. A competition of military arts and techniques and beauty between the four countries of the Lizwald continent held once every four years. Because the seventh match of the individual contest just ended, it will be a little while until it’s Claire’s turn, but your Okaasan will also appear. Let’s properly cheer her on, okay?”(Annela)


Theo and Ellie are watching the Silver Eye on the stage with sparkling eyes, but it appears that the other three are more interested in not making it on time.


Well, it would be certainly better to watch from the start.
It appears the fine adjustments took a lot of time because of the size of the magic tool.
Even though it’s a magic tool, it seems that magic…… or rather sorcery can’t accomplish anything and everything.


However…… what to say. It’s a magic tool, and it can be seen because it has magical power.
I certainly see it clearly in my sight.


A white rectangle.


Right…… I can’t see the picture at all. I can see the flow of magical power at most.
Ellie said I could enjoy it with just the sound, but I wonder about that.
To be frank, I don’t think I can enjoy it.

Although it’s live, the point is to watch the flashy movements, techniques, and sorcery.
I can only hear the sound effects of those.
It would be difficult to enjoy it without a substantial ability and preliminary knowledge.

Is it because of that? That my interest quickly faded?
Even now, when I was told a surprising story that Claire will appear as well.
I am unable to see mother’s gallant figure. There’s no bigger regret than that.

She seems to have no relation to battles, but Claire’s is Annela Obaasama’s child.
Before I became aware of Annela Obaasama’s true strength, stop joking, I could laugh it off, but I can’t do that now.
But, if I can’t actually see it, my interest is half or less.
The thoughts of my mother’s match are only to that extent. Naturally, other matches are already out of my consciousness.

The disappointment was immense.
It might be partly because of the crushing cause of individual use. No, that might be the greatest part.
My expectations unconsciously grew too large.

The surroundings became quite passionate. The servants below are cheering in loud voices. On the contrary of such passionate heat of the surroundings, I feel like a snow storm is happening inside me.


I wonder if that’s why the current training came to be.




Because I was fed up with the difference in temperature of the surroundings, I felt it sensitively.


This is a chance. Right now, I’m not interested in the noise of the surroundings. Rather, my interest has completely vanished!
I will persist as long as I can and will surely make a step towards the potty training!


The urge to urinate approaches.
I endure, determined to make the training successful, I look back and fire the usual words. Everything starts from here!


“Baa~ba, chi-chi.”

“My, oh my did you wee-wee? Wait for a second okay, we will change it right away. Elliana-san, Lily-chan seems to have peed.”

“Ah, yes. Saa, Lily. Let’s change the unpleasant right away, okay?”


I’m handed over with such an exchange. But, Ena who touches the cloth that substitutes diaper immediately finds out that it’s not wet.
And she immediately guesses my intention.
Even in the situation where potty training is still not being done, because of Obaasama’s and Ojiisama’s opinion of me being special, and Ena who witnessed many of my specialties, she could immediately guess.



“Yes, Elliana-sama!”

“Potty preparations!?”


“Guide me!”



It seems that the other four are taken aback by the two’s dialogue.


Well, it’s understandable. I have not done potty training even once before. Besides, I think that Ena’s behavior is a bit too tense.
I wonder if the Magic Battle is that fun? Damn it, I want to see……


The two people start moving immediately, the place was the room right after opening the door, so we arrived right away.
Is it perhaps a restroom set up for the VIP seats?
But, the moment we entered the room was my limit.




But, it was an endurable one. It was only my second time I could hold it back with my own will.


“Ah~…… we didn’t make it~ But, you are admirable, Lily. You were able to properly inform us. Un, admirable. As expected of Lily, right?”


Ena praises me many times.
Ojousama is splendid, the wonderfully equipped (bunny ears) maid――Scarlet-san wept in joy.

I think it’s a bit exaggerated, but I’m already used to them being like this when it comes to me.


I want to be able to endure it a little bit more next time!


I was a little girl with a new found determination while having a diaper replaced with a new one.

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