Chapter 182

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Lilianne of the Affection
Elliana La Christophe.
Maiden name, Elliana Lind Museline.

After becoming Theo and Ellie’s nanny and educator, she became my own nanny.
She is Father’s——Alek’s little sister and aunt of me and my siblings.
Alek is Claire’s childhood friend and so is naturally Ena.
They, who have grown up together are on extremely good terms.

They weren’t three, but four.
The fourth person was Ena’s husband who had passed away. When Ena lost her husband, she also had a miscarriage, and she became invalid for a period of time.
But, she apparently made an unbelievable turnaround when Claire gave birth to me.

However, that’s something I heard only once a long time ago.

That very Ena treats me like her own child.
She’s cherishing me far beyond the overprotectiveness level.
The total blindness due to Claudy Eyes also plays a role.
But, since I was born, she who had experienced parting with her own child recovered from being invalid and treasured me.
She loved me for the unborn child’s share as well.

She really did cling to me very much until I was able to erect the illusionistic space around the Reki-kun room.
Nowadays, Ena always follows me when I go to play in Eliott’s workshop or any other place within the mansion.

Well, it goes without saying that Ena continued her duties even after I got personal maids assigned to me.
Normally, separating from a totally blind toddler would be too dangerous.
I guess she wouldn’t let me be that free even if I wasn’t completely blind, though.




I really love Ena who treats me like her own child.
When the children who Ena loves like her own call her “Okaasama” and act spoiled around her, it turns into something incredible.

Theo, Ellie, and I who usually don’t act spoiled suddenly start clinging to Ena.
It becomes a great deal.
Concretely, the pretty, gallant big sister Ena becomes unrecognizably deredere, her speech and conduct enter the dangerous area.

I was less surprised because I have experienced it the last birthday, but I was really shocked last year.
It was my first time seeing Ena like that, so it couldn’t be helped.

Therefore, since we were mentally prepared this year, we did what we couldn’t the last time.


“Okaasama, how is the tea I brewed?”

“Thank you~ Ellie-chan. It’s very tasty. You are looking very cute too~…”

“Okaasama, how are the sweets I made?”

“Yeaaah… they are very good~ so you became able to cook now, Theo-chan~”

“I also helped. Only a little, though…”

“Fufu… so Ellie-chan helped too~ it’s very delicious. Thank you, you two. Lily-chan is also eating happily, what a blissful time~”



Last year ended with us being spoiled by our one-day Ena Okaasama, so we decided to change up things a little this time.
First, the sweets and tea Theo and Ellie prepared were simple, but they worked very hard on them.

Of course, they did not forget to act spoiled in the meanwhile.
The reason why both Theo and Ellie can act spoiled without feeling embarrassment must be because they think of Ena as a true member of the family.

By the way, this is sudden, but the dishes today were from my knowledge cheats.
The extravagant cuisine of the Lizwald Continent, or rather the Ovent Kingdom, becomes medicinal cooking for some reason.
It can’t be called frugal, but it’s overall bland and not satisfying for children. Rather, it’s not sweet enough.

That sweetness too is mostly compensated by fruits and sweets are not consumed very much.
The only sweets I ate that resembled sweets so far must have been the sweets Claire made for my 1st birthday.
That’s why I nearly forgot that sweets even exist, but I recalled them this time so Theo and Ellie could make them for Ena Okaasama.

However, I would like you to think about it.
I am a three years old child.
I will be four soon, but when a three-year-old, moreover, totally blind one like me starts talking about wanting to cook, they would let me help arrange food on the plates at most.

Even though I am being doted on, it’s not like everyone will listen to what I say.
Rather, they assertively remove me when something dangerous gets within my presence.

Unlike my previous world, the food here can’t be bought, microwaved and being done with it.
They don’t use something as good as an oven, but a cookstove.
Not a microwave, but an old cookstove.

Well, it’s a magic tool, though.
Magic tools from the Great Nobility of the Christophe family are naturally top quality and are being handled with the highest safety measures.
But, no matter how safe they are, they won’t let me use them.

When mixing, it’s not entirely but only a little bit, when arranging food it’s merely just a little bit, my job is to help on such level.
Additionally, most of the things aren’t magic fragment-made, so having Theo’s or Ellie’s assistance is a prerequisite.

Well, I, who has less than average muscle strength can’t mix on my own at all.
It really is on the level of a tiny child helping out. No, I certainly am tiny, though.
I naturally can’t see the food while arranging it either, so I am quickly done helping.

There’s no way that the knowledge cheat would be helpful in a situation like this.
Speaking of cooking, there’s really nothing to say as it would be impossible for me.
Cooking with the knowledge cheat seems unlikely even if I grow up a little more.



When I grow up, I would like to make and eat deep flavored dishes of my past life’s world rather than the lightly seasoned, medicinal dishes.
Otherwise, I would like to teach them how to make it.
Teaching recipes up until now has been no good, so I am in a difficult place.
Where have I learned it, why do I know of it, I who is unable to even read a book has no way of explaining. Many books have been read to me, but there were none about cooking…


“Lily helped with making these sweets, you know!”

“Lily who was mixing the eggs was really adorable… of course, the arranging food Lily was also super cute!”

“As expected of Lily-chan. But, don’t let her do anything dangerous, okay? It would be terrible if Lily-chan injured herself. Naturally, you guys can’t injure yourselves either, okay?”

“”Of course!””


The deredere Ena Okaasama who was overflowing with motherly smile patted Theo and Ellie’s heads.
I also become happy when the two happily feed me sweets.


However, these sweets are delicious, aren’t they…
Sweets are dangerous for a child’s tongue. I can’t pause, I can’t stop. I won’t be able to eat lunch today if this continues.
I know very well that children stuff their stomachs with sweets. But, I can’t stop this…


My share of sweets on the magic fragment-made plate disappeared in no time.
I see the base of the plate entirely, so I can tell that all the sweets were eaten.
I think it’s inevitable that I am feeling somewhat sad about this.

While feeling a bit dejected, Ena Okaasama shared a little of her portion of sweets with me.


“You won’t be able to eat lunch, so make do with this, okay?”

“Ai! Thank youu, Okaa~shama!”

“Fufu… you are welcome.”


When I looked up and thanked Ena Okaasama who had me on her lap, a warm magical power rained down upon me.
The smile that appeared on her face while manifesting her magical power was that of a Goddess.


“Lily, I will give you mine too!”

“Ah, not fair! Lily, eat mine as well!”

“Hey~ you two. If you make Lily-chan eat that much, she really won’t be able to eat lunch later, so don’t do it.”



The voice of the gently smiling Ena Okaasama’s that chided the two was clear and overflowing with motherhood.
Ena Okaasama’s normal voice is pretty clear and wonderful to listen to, her current voice far exceeded that.
This was supposed to be a tea party for Ena Okaasama, but we were also greatly satisfied with tea and delicious sweet while rocked by her wonderful voice that has the ability to charm people.




At noon, Ena Okaasama who was happy to be surrounded by Theo, Ellie, and myself again was enjoying a pleasant chat with us.
Her happiness could be easily understood by her and expression and voice.
The amount of magical power escaping from Ena Okaasama was incredible.


The chorus of three people singing resounded later after the meal.
Only the three of us sang at first, but after we finished the song, Ena Okaasama joined us and we ended up singing many songs.
Ena Okaasama also taught us lyrics to many songs we didn’t know.


Ena Okaasama’s singing voice that would leave a pro feeling embarrassed combined with Theo, Ellie, and my singing voices warmly continued to resound until late in the night.

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