Chapter 82

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I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t involve me in your family dispute.
The next day. Anna, who looked frustrated, visited my room.

“Lady Yurika, what is this about?”
“What are you talking about?”

I can’t think of any reason why she’s mad at me. I hadn’t seen Anna for a while, so it bothered me that she suddenly came to visit me and said, “Aren’t you awful?” Moreover, when I looked at her, she choked up.

“Lord Anton told me to get out of here. You must have told him something.”
“Me? I did not tell him anything. You are deeply in love with him, aren’t you? Don’t you know the best that he is a man who’d easily abandon his wife?”
“Then, why would he suddenly tell me to get out?”

Anton told Anna to leave? This is my first time hearing about this. And yet, she was blaming me for telling something to Anton. They are totally false accusations. I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t involve me in your family dispute.

“I don’t know. Go ask him. Weren’t you just swayed by that person? Is it possible that he doesn’t like you as much you believed he liked you?”
“That can’t be…”
“Are you saying that? You might have found yourself in the same position I was in. He has gotten tired of you, no? You have my sympathy.”

Anna fell down on her knees. What is this? Blacky is about to come soon, so I would like you to leave. Are you going to sit here for long?
My tone was getting harsher. It cannot be helped. Anna has broken my family in the first place, so there’s no need to be kind to her, right?

“Lord Anton has no acquaintances in this country. I’m the only one he can rely on.”
“That might have been the case the first time he came here, but he seems to be showing up in the palace frequently, so why would he not get closer to the people of power?”

Then he might have already given up on you, who has become a burden. When I added, her face turned pale. Anna might have been like my big sister in the past, but looking at her now, my heart didn’t move a single bit.
I couldn’t look at her murmuring “It wasn’t supposed to be like this” because it displayed her ugliness. The maid I relied on in the past was nowhere to be found.
Her inflexibility in the oddest places was really similar to that person. When I let out a sigh, Anna glared at me.

“As I thought, did you get back with Lord Anton? I know that he visited you the last night. Is that why you two are trying to chase me out?”
“You also weren’t a good fit for him, no? I was in demand as a caretaker of the child, but don’t you think that he’s tired of you, whose only use was in the bedroom?”

What a tiresome woman. I feel ashamed for adoring her in the past. It felt like a disgusting reminder that when Anna had been by my side as a maid, she had only acted the way I wanted her to act.

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