Chapter 83

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Even though I’m more suitable for him.
“Why is it you? Even though I’m more suitable for him.”

As we were pushing and shoving each other, the vase on the side of the table got caught in my sleeve and made a loud sound as it fell onto the ground. Mille, who was waiting in the adjacent room showed up after hearing the sound together with a few more maids.

“What happened, Madam?”

She opened her eyes wide as she saw me grabbed by Anna, and immediately stopped her with the other maids.

“Please stop it, Lady Anna.”
“Why? Why are you stopping me?”

Anna got pulled away from me. The maids stood in front of me like a shield. Anna looked provoked when she saw that.

“What is this supposed to be? Did you guys not recognize me as this mansion’s mistress?”
“… That’s because we did not know the circumstances.”
“This woman told you lies, didn’t she?”


Anna snorted as she looked at the maids who were on her side just a while ago. Mille exchanged glances with the other maids and spoke up as everyone’s representative.

“We were called over by Master the other day. At that time, we inquired about Madam. Master lamented that he deeply hurt Lady Yurika because of his unfaithfulness.”
“You are lying. Doesn’t that make me look like the bad guy?”
“Master wishes to reconcile with Lady Yurika. You are a collaborator of his on the job, but beyond that, you are interfering with his private life. He told us to report to him without hesitation if you hurt Lady Yurika because of jealousy.”

I see, Anton seems to have taken measures beforehand. I now understand why Mille was looking at me with such a pale face before. She was rude to me before, so she must have been frightened after being told such by Anton.

It must have been difficult for her to hear that Anna, who she had looked up to as her mistress, was wrong, and that the person she had accused was the person who would become her mistress, only after the rude things she had said.
I really don’t look to reconcile with him, but I cannot forgive Anna.
When she glared at me, Mille heartlessly cut her off.

“Now, Lady Anna. Please leave. I will be forced to report to Master if you try to do anything more to Lady Yurika.”
“I got it. I’m leaving. Who cares about this place anyway.”

Anna cursed in annoyance and left the room. The departure of the woman who had destroyed my happiness was a lonely one, with no one willing to see her off.

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