Chapter 84

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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I’m glad nothing happened to her.
The dinner I had that day was alone with Anton. The servants of the mansion here seem to be under his control. The attitudes of Mille and the other maids, who were not friendly to me, have changed drastically in the past few days. The change was frightening.
In the dining room, Mille and the other maids were serving me. On the spot, Anton suddenly apologized to me.

“Yurika. I’m sorry. I didn’t realize that Anna had been hurting you behind my back. I was shocked to hear that from the maids here.”
“You have always left the mansion to me before, when you were preoccupied with your work. This time you just happened to leave it to Anna, no? But was it a good idea to get rid of her?”
“It will be fine. There’s no one here to hurt you anymore, so you can rest easy.”

Anton chuckled at my sarcasm. Anton seemed to have cut Anna off completely. I found his methods cruel. He must have allowed her to do whatever she wanted. That’s why Anna behaved openly as his wife, and the servants must have accepted her as their mistress.
Despite this, I don’t know what Anna did wrong that he brought his ex-wife, me, to this mansion and made Anna displeased so much that she hit me which made her look bad. He then manipulated the maids to drive Anna out of the mansion.
Isn’t that a very despicable way of treating someone after having been seemingly in love with her?

“Aren’t you just cold? All this after being so intimate with her?”
“I wasn’t that intimate with her. I only had a contract with her.”
“A contract?”
“Yeah. She was to provide me with food, clothing, and shelter in this country.”
“Wouldn’t it be better to chase her away earlier then? You can’t continue staying here, no?”
“There are no problems. It actually Anna who provided me with those things, but her allies. There’s no problem cutting her off.”

Anton spoke as if she was nothing. Does that mean he treated Anna only as a convenient woman to have around? What a scum.

“Surprisingly, I think the two of you are a good match.”
“Forgive me, Yurika. You don’t have to care about a woman that was sent away, no? Now, let’s eat before it gets cold. You like guineafowl, right? I had chefs deep-fry it. Deep-friend guineafowl is superb.”

I love guineafowl. However, there is the case of Anton drugging me, so I don’t feel like touching it. What do I do? While thinking such, Anton pointed and said “You over there.” at Mille.


“Yes, Master.”
“Taste this food for poison for Yurika.”

Mille replied, but seemingly afraid of the word ‘poison’, she quite couldn’t reach for the food. Seeing that, Anton raised his eyebrow

“What. How useless you are. Are you just an incompetent woman who can only complain? We don’t need people like you here. I don’t mind if you quit.”
“Master, I will do it. Please spare me…”

Mille seemed to have circumstances that didn’t allow her to resign. She made up her resolve and carried the deep-fried food on a fork to her mouth.

“How is it? It’s tasty, right?”
“Y, yes. It’s delicious…”

Finished eating, Mille was relieved. I was also relieved to find that there was no poison in the guineafowl deep-fry. I’m glad nothing happened to her.

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