Chapter 85

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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I am not your Madam.
“See, Yurika. There’s no poison. No drugs either, eat up.”

Glaring at Anton who spoke with raised corners of his mouth, I tasted my favorite fried guineafowl. I tried eating with caution, but I was glad to find out it didn’t taste strange.
If there was drugged again, it would turn into trauma and I would not be able to eat my favorite deep-fried dishes again. I wouldn’t want that.

“You ate everything, I’m glad. I was worried because you didn’t eat at all.”
“It feels weird, doesn’t it? You were busy working before, so we didn’t have a chance to eat together much.”
“Indeed. I apologize for that, it was my fault.”

Even though you didn’t care about me whatsoever before. When I said such, Anton made an awkward face. Are his apologies his true feelings? I couldn’t trust Anton again.

Anna, whom he was so intimate with before, was driven away from the mansion just like that. Is he planning on using me in some way? I couldn’t help but have such doubts in my mind.

“I don’t need your apology. It’s no use even if you apologize.”
“Thank you for the meal. The deep-fried guineafowl was delicious.”

When I stood up from my seat, Anton tried to hold me back, but I couldn’t tell whatsoever what he was thinking about. I don’t want to understand it either. He is now a total stranger who kidnapped and confined me. They are not praiseworthy actions. I thanked him for the meal and left the dining room.

When I left the room, Mille followed me. When I returned to my room, Mille lowered her head to me.

“Please forgive me, Lady Yurika.”
“What is it all of sudden?”
“Although I wasn’t in the known, I was rude to you.”
“Stop it. Even if you apologize now, you won’t be able to smooth things between him and I.”
“I know. I don’t wish to do that. I’m just apologetic for being rude to you.”


I wondered if Mille was sent by Anton to mediate between us, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

“Master is aware of this too. I told him so.”
“And so?”
“Master told me to protect you Mada, oh no, Lady Yurika, with my life.”

Is that why he had put her through poison tasting earlier? I felt like I got a glimpse of the bruises Anton inflicted upon her.

“Are you stupid?”
“Lady Yurika.”

When I raised my face and looked at Mille, she looked dumbfounded.

“This isn’t wartime, and being loyal is not a trend these days. Did he grasp some kind of weakness of yours? I don’t need you by my side that much. Be at ease. It’s fine to run away if you want to.”
“Lady Yurika, you say some amusing things.”
“You think so? I think you are thinking too rigidly. It’s already over, so you have no need to worry about it. I would act the same way you did in that kind of situation.”
“Thank you very much, Madam.”
“I’m not your Madam.”

Mille laughed, on the verge of tears.

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