Chapter 8

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Crows are friends.
“How about you, Fii? Are you married?”
“Me? I’m not. I’m being quite rushed, though.”

Hearing that Fii wasn’t married, I found myself feeling delighted. Even though I’m married myself, just how selfish am I? I felt like I wouldn’t be able to forgive whomever he got married to.
Fii had a beautiful face since he was a child. Moreover, his liveliness always attracted the gazes of girls. However, he for some reason didn’t associate with them at all and only stayed by my side. Since that time, he seemed to be a special existence to me.

“However, I’m quite surprised that a tomboy like you would marry the Commander of the Imperial Guards and become a mother.”
“Do you want to say that it doesn’t suit me?”
“No, I just think it’s a shame…”

Fii muttered something I couldn’t understand and then spoke to Noah after looking at our faces alternatively.

“Are you not going to see your grandpa, Noah? General said that he is missing you.”
“Grandfather did? Is it fine for me to see him?”

Fii asked me why I didn’t go to see him even though General’s mansion was close by the forest. Fii’s meaning was that since we came this far, we should at least show up for a little.
Noah, on the other hand, questioned back. Seeing Noah’s reaction, Fii who got troubled looked at me. Noah followed him and looked at me as if asking “Can I?”

“Indeed, it’s as Fii said. Shall we go see Grandfather after this? But, he might be surprised if we visit him so unexpectedly, so let’s send someone to let him know beforehand.”
“I will do that for you.”

Fii moved to the balcony and whistled. Then, a black bird flapped its wings over and landed on Fii’s shoulder. I was also surprised to witness that, but Noah was starstruck.


“Blacky. Deliver this to Grandpa’s mansion.”

Saying that, he tied a yellow ribbon on the crow’s leg and let it fly away. Seeing the crow leave, Noah stared while uttering “Incredible, amazing.”

“That was a crow, right?”
“Crows are easy to dislike because of their appearances, but they are pretty clever.”

The crow soon returned. It held a tubular flower in its beak. The flower was red, only the tip was dyed yellow.

“Oh my, it’s Manettia. How nostalgic.”
“They grow in General’s mansion. It means that General welcomes Noah’s visit.”


Seeing the familiar flower, Fii took the flower from the crow’s beak and explained after handing it to me. The crow flew away as soon as its business was done, making Noah stare in admiration.

“That’s great Uncle, you are amazing. Can you use magic or something? How did you make the crow listen to you?”
“I can’t use magic. I have just made friends with crows.”

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