Chapter 9

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If you have any worries, I will listen as much as you like.
“Yep. You wouldn’t harm anyone with goodwill, right?”

Crows are friends. Noah started muttering something questionable like that, so please stop trying to incite my angel. I glared lightly at Fii.

“Geez. Don’t teach him strange things. What will I do if Noah believes you?”
“I will take responsibility then.”
“Don’t say it so lightly.”
“I’m not really saying it lightly. I can thoroughly educate him about crows as his teacher.”
“Please don’t. I beg you.”

Seeing my serious look, Fii smiled bitterly.

“I was just joking. The way you get angry so easily has not changed at all.”
“Whose fault do you think it is?”
“That would be my fault.”

When we looked at each other and started laughing, Noah who saw it muttered quietly.

“Mother, you seem to be having more fun than when you are with Father.”
“Y, you think so?”

An unexpected interjection from my stepchild. I thought it was definitely because Fii was my childhood friend and I let my guard down around him, but it seemed different to Noah.

“You always seem reserved around Father. You are enduring the pain.”

Children are observant. I didn’t say anything to Noah, but it seems he noticed our strained relationship. I definitely feel like I’m too reserved around my husband Anton and say only half of what I want to say.

“Come, the General is waiting. Noah, make sure to get spoiled by Grandpa a lot.”
“Okay. Thank you, Uncle.”

Conscious of the haze in my heart, we decided to leave towards the General’s residence, escorted by the maids and guards. Noah got down first. He descended the treehouse without difficulty.


“Fii. Thank you for everything.”
“Are you worried about something, Yuri?”

It seems that the childhood friend whom I met after a long time noticed the changes in my heart. I did not want to speak my mind at first. I did not want to bother him.

“I was asked for a divorce.”
“I’m worried about how to tell him.”

Fii looked at me with a pained face.

“When we divorce, that child will lose his mother again. He’s an obedient and a good child. He even accepted someone like me as his stepmother…”

My eyelids got heavy. I don’t want to show my crying face to my childhood friend whom I met after so long. As I tried to suppress my tears, I was handed a white handkerchief.

“If you have any worries, I will listen as much as you like. If you are troubled about something, you are welcome to come here. I will be staying here for a while.”
“Okay, thank you, Fii.”

Wiping my tears with the handkerchief Fii lent me, I quickly recovered. Feeling that Fii was my ally, I suddenly felt encouraged.
Fii asked me: “Please say hello on my behalf to the old man.” Fii seems to be on very good terms with Father-in-law since he’s allowed to call him ‘old man’. What kind of relationship do they have, I wonder?

“Got it. See you again, Fii.”

Feeling like something dropped from my heart, my steps felt lighter than when I came here and I made my way to Noah.

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