Chapter 69

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Thank you for your help.
“Yeah. At that time, I knew that there was an energetic and cheerful girl running around with Fii, but I never thought she would become Anton’s wife.”
“You were aware of me since I was a child, Father-in-law?”
“I was. The mansion Fii and Margot lived in hiding at that time was one I provided. I went to see how they were doing that one time. I had asked about the kids Fii was friends with. I also went to the forest to see his friends, helping Hannah carry a big pot over.”
“It was Father-in-law helping Hannah carry the stew?”
“Yeah. I’ve partaken with the little gluttons and played with them too.”

It seems that the person whom I thought was a guard was actually Father-in-law. I’m surprised. To think the guard was actually the Commander.

“Even though I didn’t know, I’m sorry for my rudeness.”

When I was young, I said whatever I wanted to say without thinking first, so I was uneasy that I said something rude to my Father-in-law at that time.

“No, I don’t think you ever did something rude to me?”

I looked at Fii after Father-in-law spoke. Because it would be bad if he exposed that. When I winked at Fii, he smiled at me wryly. It’s a secret that there were rumors of bad-looking men coming in and out of that mansion.
Did he tell Father-in-law something? I tilted my head.

“No, that time, I had no restraint on what I said.”
“You were a child, so don’t mind it. Now then, why don’t we get things ready for our angel?”

Father-in-law was tolerant. And he spoiled his grandchild very much. We nodded and quietly approached Noah’s bedroom. While thinking of Noah with a smile on his entire face the next morning.
After finishing the task and returning to the parlor, Denis spoke up.

“Speaking of which, Fionn. Weren’t you entrusted with something by His Majesty?”
“So you found out, Old man.”

Fii retrieved a letter from his chest pocket. He presented it to me.

“A Christmas present from His Majesty to you. He has heard your plea.”
“Christmas present? Eh…?”


I’ve been thinking about it since Anton eloped. I didn’t want a divorce when my husband asked for it, but my feelings have changed now. With my Father-in-law disinheriting Anton from the Garland Household, I was told that I could stay in his house forever, but I was not satisfied with my own position.

The elopement of my husband Anton was kept a secret, and the public thinks he’s treating his illness. I’m currently his wife. If he were eventually served poison by His Majesty, Anton would be announced dead from death by disease.

I thought it would be very difficult for me to act pained from loss as his wife. My feelings, however, were already set in place. Those with sharp eyes would be able to see through me.
I have a feeling that the butler Theo, the Head Maid Clara, the guard Killan, and Dora already know.
I thought it would be for the best to distance myself from the situation before the rumors within the social circle start spreading. I don’t want to part with Noah, though.

When I opened the letter, a written text of acknowledgment of my divorce with Anton appeared in front of my eyes. With this, I am a woman who has no connections to the Garland family. I don’t know whether I am happy or sad, but tears started pouring down my cheeks.

“Yurika. I am so sorry for all of this…”

Father-in-law must have come to an agreement with His Majesty. He apologized to me. Mother-in-law Margot and Fii looked between me and Father-in-law, Fii then asked “What is written in that letter?” and hurriedly snatched the letter from my hands.

“That can’t be… Yurika, are you all right with that?”

Fii was speechless and Margot showed a sorrowful expression after finding out the contents of the letter. I can tell from their expressions that they did not know of this beforehand. I promised His Majesty and Father-in-law that I won’t tell anyone about it, after all.

“Thank you all very much for everything you have done for me up until now. I will explain the situation to Noah tomorrow and leave this mansion. I will be living away from Noah, but I will consider myself his mother no matter where I am.”

I bowed deeply and walked away from the Garland family.

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