Chapter 70

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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I became a divorced daughter.
After that, I left the Garland family’s house and returned to Baron Vise’s home. Not the mansion in the Capital, but the one in the fief. Father had already handed over the position of Baron to the eldest brother, and he returned to the fief for a comfortable life of retirement. I returned there to live with them.
My parents were simply happy that I returned. They can’t easily meet the rest of my sisters who live scattered over faraway countries after marrying, while all of my older brothers, except the eldest brother, are outside the country. The only children left in the country was the eldest brother, the fifth sister, and the youngest sister, me. Eldest brother lives in the Capital after marrying, while fifth sister lives in the inner palace.

They seemed to be most worried about their youngest daughter, so they could easily watch over me by marrying me to the Commander of the Imperial Guards.

My Father-in-law went to talk with my parents directly. They got to know about my divorce with Anton, and they look sullen when they found out that he eloped with my maid, Anna.
Father-in-law offered to pay reparations. Father declined at first because the maid came from our family, but he was shocked when he found out that Anna was a spy from another country. Mother fainted in place.

I wondered whether divorcing would damage their feelings for me, but “Let me see your face” my Mother said as she extended her hands on my cheeks, choked with tears. Father got infected by her crying and cried too. Several servants also received me warmly.

Half a year had already passed. The high-society surely knows of my divorce by now. I wonder if rumors that I was kicked out of the Garland house is floating around?
There’s nothing I can do about the rumors. But, I hope Noah is not feeling too lonely.


I want to hear that angelic voice. While enjoying sun the garden, I felt that I heard Noah calling me “Mother.”

“Young lady, you have a guest.”
“A guest?”

This is the countryside. It’s different from the Capital. Moreover, not many people should know that I have returned here six months ago. I had no idea who could be visiting me here, even if that person was from the Capital. Is this not a mistake, perhaps? While pondering, I heard someone calling me “Mother.” again.

I thought I misheard, but when I turned towards the maid, I saw an angel standing before her.



Not believing my eyes, I stood up from my seat and jumped towards the little, warm, being.

“Why are you here?”
“I pleaded with my Grandfather. That I want to see you…!”

While patting the head of Noah who was desperately clinging to me, two people I recognized stepped forward.

“Long time no see, Lady Yurika.”
“It’s been a while.”
“Dora, Killan.”

Noah’s fellow travelers were the maid Dora and the guard, Killan. The two bowed their heads.

“Were you two well?”
“Yes. Everyone is the same.”

Dora said in a voice that seemed to be enduring tears. When I walked inside the mansion hand in hand with Noah, I was pleasantly surprised to learn that he will be staying here for a while.

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