Chapter 61

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Angel’s smile.
When I bought a cake and returned home, Noah was chatting with Fii on the terrace.

“I’m home, Noah.”
“Welcome back, Mother.”
“Yuri. Welcome back. Where did you go?”
“Fii, I should be asking why are you here? I just returned from bringing refreshments to your place. I didn’t see you so I left them with your subordinates.”
“Eh? Refreshments from you?”
“It looks like we passed each other.”

Fii tried to stand up from his seat, but I stopped him.

“Oh my, what’s with the macarons?”
“I stopped by a popular sweets store on the way. You like macarons, right?”
“Thank you. But, what a coincidence. I also bought something.ů

There were small macarons of various colors on the plate. Looking at the macaron box, it must have belonged to the sweets store I stopped by earlier.

“Mother, let’s eat together. The macarons Uncle Fii bought are really yummy.”

Noah with his cheeks stuffed was adorable like a small animal. “Now, now. It’s sticking on your mouth, Noah.” Fii who wiped the macaron fragments sticking to Noah’s mouth with his finger and brought it to his mouth, looked almost like a father.

“That does look delicious. Should I have what Fii bought too? Dora, eat this box with everyone.”
“Thank you so much, Madam.”

I took a seat next to Noah and left the box I bought to Dora. Dora left with the box in her hands and only Killan remained with the parent-child duo plus Fii.

“Even though I told you I would bring you refreshments, why were you not there?”
“I went to the palace. I got summoned by His Majesty.”
“You seem to be busy.”
“Yeah. His Majesty is pushing me around good.”

As I conversed with Fii who was smiling bitterly, Noah’s said: “Not fair.”

“Mother. Why did you not bring me along if you went to Uncle Fii’s workplace? I also wanted to go.”
“You were studying. Let’s go next time, I will definitely invite you then.”
“You promised.”

A sulking Noah was adorable. Noah settled close to me as I patted his head.

“By the way Fii, where do you work?”
“Ah, me? I… assist the Old man.”
“I heard that before already, but you are not a mere soldier since you have subordinates, right?”
“Well, that’s how it is.”

Fii showed a troubled expression to my questions. Despite knowing so much about others, he won’t tell me much about himself.

“You are so secretive, Fii. There are too many mysteries around you. Don’t you think so too, Noah?”
“You think so? Noah. Does it seem like that?”

Noah looked between me and Fii and spoke afterward.

“What do you want to know about Uncle, Mother? Do you like him? I would be happy if that was the case.”

Noah smiled cheerfully while I was stunned by his sudden words.

“I would like it if Uncle became my Father.”

Noah’s smile was very influential. After that, I was too embarrassed to look at Fii and pretended to eat the macarons in a calm manner.

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