Chapter 60

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A Devil’s smile.
“Oh my. This person has fainted.”
“Madam is a devil too, huh. The Marquis is incontinent. It seems he got quite frightened.”
“I’m a devil?”

While Fii’s subordinates who watched my interrogation of Marquis Hattere were uttering “Amazing”, Killan who was accompanying me as a guard, called out from behind. Dora, who was next to me also spoke up.

“No one can compare with Madam’s devil smile.”
“Devil smile?”
“Have you forgotten? Madam, did you not smile at the Marquis before? That was when the Marquis was pointing his gun at Young Master Noah.”

It was hard to not feel the pressure that time. Dora explained.
I completely forgot what I did that day. I recall throwing a show at the Marquis’s face and saying “Oh my, what a coincidence. I was just thinking the same.”
It has apparently become an unforgettable trauma for the Marquis. I thought I would never forgive the Marquis at that time. I think I said it provocatively, but I did not know it looked as if I was smiling to others.
While pondering what I should do now that I know about it, Dora urged me.

“Madam. You have already finished your business, right? Let’s entrust the rest to the people here.”

Fii’s men and the caretakers were busy cleaning up after the unconscious Marquis. There’s nothing I can assist with even if I stay here. Dejected, I decided to leave.

“What do I do, Dora? Noah might start fearing my smile and come to hate me.”
“It will be fine. Please be at ease. Young Master Noah won’t start hating you just because of something like that. Lord Fii and us are also unconcerned.”

Even though it was you who mentioned the devil smile? Dora spoke to me while I was sulking in the carriage on our way back from the prison. They were words of temptation.

“Madam. There’s an amazing sweets store near here. Would you like to drop by?”
“Eh? Really? Let’s go, let’s go! I will buy some for Noah.”

As expected of Dora, she knows how to handle me. Huh, I might be too easy to get handled by a servant so simply. However, I feel somewhat worn-out from talking with Marquis Hattere, so I decided to get healed by sweet things.

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