Chapter 59

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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“How scary must have it been to Noah? Telling him you would reunite him with his father then threatening to disable his legs to take him to his father forcibly.”
“I thought Young Master Noah needed a father.”
“Our needs are none of your business. Can you really say that we need father and husband who let himself get seduced by a spy with whom he eloped with?”
“That’s… that lady is…!”

It’s easy for you to say that Noah needs a father. Even though you played a part in taking that very father away from him. When I glared, the Marquis made a sullen face.

I could easily imagine what the Marquis felt. Anton was devoted to his work, but his vision was too narrow. Some of the people working under him often made requests to get transferred and my big sister who heard His Majesty complain, told me: “He’s too stubborn who demands perfectionism from others as he demands from himself.” with a wry smile.

“You are just being selfish. You probably found out how difficult to handle that serious husband of mine is, no? You might have wanted to take Noah hostage to make him do as you tell, but too bad. That person and we have already cut ties. I will give him to you. Please accept, do as you like with him.”

The Marquis’ shoulders shook to my remark. The patriarch of the Garland family had already severed connections with Anton. That person won’t be able to step over the Garland family’s threshold ever again. Taking someone of us, who have become complete strangers to him, hostage would be outrageous. When I told the Marquis that he can boil, grill, or anything he wants with my husband, he squeezed out his next words.

“… Are you sure about that? For Troyl, that person is… even though you will be able to take advantage of his grace?”
“Marquis Hattere. Are you dreaming or something? Right now, you are in a cell. Not the palace. You will be judged as a criminal. Are you aware that your daughter Manon and your entire household could suffer, depending on your statement?”
Stop your empty dreams already. Your statements so far seem like someone who is trying to take over Troyl would say. Are you Troyl’s spy too? I thought Marquis Hattere was a high-ranking noble from our Ligisia, though?”


You are not only suspiciously assisting Troyl and sheltering their spies, but aren’t you also sticking your head into Troyl’s internal affairs? How about you start worrying about your own head? When I told him so, the Marquis seemed taken aback.

“I would love if you stopped dragging my child Noah into these stupid empty dreams of yours. If you don’t feel like waking up from your dreams just yet, how about I offer you my last warning right here?”

I spread the folding fan, covered my face with it, and imitated gunshot: “Bang.” as I pointed my finger at the Marquis.


The Marquis’s eyes rolled back.

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