Chapter 58

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Young Master Noah is the only one with that person’s blood in his veins.
Marquis Hattere didn’t think I would point that out, so he was dumbfounded.

“Why is Anna a spy?”
“Anna’s father was a member of the Third Prince’s faction. He was a diplomat, but he was dismissed because of advanced age. Anna joined the faction in his place and was sent to Ligisia as a spy.”
“I see. So she was a daughter of a high-ranking Troylan aristocrat.”

So that’s why her conduct was so graceful. I think her father must have given her thorough education so she wouldn’t embarrass herself wherever she was placed.

“Was it a coincidence that Anna came to our family? Or was it intentional?”
“I have no clue about that. She was already working for Baron Vise when I got to know her existence.”

It didn’t look that Marquis Hattere was lying. I still don’t know what Anna thought of Carl who died. As I thought, did she use Carl to get into our house?

“Things turned out to be good for Anna, huh.”

Whether it was a coincidence or whether she used Carl, it was convenient for her that Carl got ran over by a carriage.


“Didn’t things turn out well for you guys too?”
“If you care for Young Master Noah so much, then sending him to that person would be for the best.”
“How does Noah fit here?”

Marquis Hattere seemed to believe that having Noah see Anton would make him happier. Where does that unfounded confidence come from?

“What do you mean?”
“Don’t you understand? Even though you are so close to the truth.”
“Why are you trying Noah reunite with that man? It’s not something that man wished for himself, no?”
“Young Master Noah is the only one with that person’s blood in his veins, he is his only ally.”

I believed that something was wrong with Marquis Hattere who seemed to be delirious.

“That child is my child. I won’t give him to anyone.”
“How tyrannical. If you consider yourself his mother, shouldn’t you step aside for the happiness of your son?”
“I don’t want to be told that by someone who tried to take my son’s life.”
“That was a misunderstanding. I only wanted Young Master Noah to listen to me. That’s why I pointed a gun at him…”
“You wanted to threaten him, right? I heard from Noah. You said you didn’t mind if his body was with defects, no? You even said you would shoot his legs so he couldn’t move?”

I won’t forgive you, the Marquis trembled as I stepped closer to the cell.

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