Chapter 21

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Anton and Anna’s relationship.
Princess Freya that was born by my fifth sister is one year older than Noah, but at my sister’s request, Noah has gone to the castle several times to play with the princess.

“Hmm~ So that’s why Uncle and Mother get along? Is Father and Anna like that too?”

Noah’s unexpected words made me unconsciously exchange glances with Fii.

“Father was very startled when he saw Anna for the first time. He said how nostalgic it made him feel.”
“Is that so? I didn’t know. However, Anna’s parents live here, so they may knew each other from before.”

Now that Noah mentioned it, I heard that Anna’s parents live around here. It wouldn’t be strange if they knew each other since childhood. But, I think it would have been nice if Anna told me.
Perhaps Anna considered her position as a servant, but she didn’t show any signs of discomfort when I married over. She behaved as if it was her first time seeing Anton.
I have doubts in my heart. Have they been deceiving me since then?

The day Anton eloped with Anna, all of the servants of the mansion were dismayed. They said they couldn’t believe it. They didn’t feel any signs that the two’s relationship was like that. Everyone was still half-doubtful. It only showed how careful the two were about their secret relationship.
The possibility of the two being acquaintances is very high. I’m not yet sure when they got that close, though.

“Noah, another one is pulling.”
“Ah. You are right.”

Fii said as he looked at Noah’s fishing rod. Once Noah rushed over, Fii turned his gaze towards me.

“Is Anna from this fief?”
“Her parents supposedly live here.”
“I see. They might have known each other since they were kids.”
“I’m coming, wait a moment.”


Our conversation stopped midway. Noah seems to have fished up something again. Fii put the fish Noah caught in the basket again.

“You are incredible, Noah. This one is bigger than the last one.”
“Ehehe. I’m not tired at all, Uncle.”
“We are just getting started, after all.”

Noah smiled proudly, provoking Fii. As if getting on board with the provocation, “I can’t lose to Noah.” Fii said and started fishing seriously. Noah watched him happily from the side. Unexpectedly, the two get along quite well.
I was envious of the two.

“Hey, Fii. Let me join you guys too.”
“Oh. You are going to do it too?”
“Of course. Just watching is boring.”

Fii lent me a long fishing rod when I asked for one.
Noah was staring in wonder.

“Mother, you can fish?”
“Yeah, your Mother is skilled, you know? She was a genius at mountain stream fishing when she was young. Noah is the genius this time, though.”
“I can’t lose to Noah, huh.”
“I will do my best too.”
“Then, it’s a competition.”

The three of us stood side by side fishing. It was somehow getting more enjoyable.

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