Chapter 22

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Almost like a parent and a child.
“I did it!”
“Amazing, Mother.”
“As expected, I’m no match for you, Yuri.”
“What are you saying? Didn’t you already catch seven fish yourself?”

I caught a fish from the brook and put it into the basket. This was my fifth. Noah caught five as well. Fii looked like he wanted to say that it wasn’t what he meant, but he kept quiet when I lightly glared at him. Fii was praising me for catching this many in such a short time.

Moreover, I matched Noah’s number. He looked at me with an amazed gaze.

Actually, when I was a child, it was me who taught him fishing. Because at that time, I was being harassed by a maid (that maid has not retired yet) who wouldn’t give me food, so I went fishing to satisfy my appetite of a growing child.
It seems that my skills have not fallen. Noah was admiring me from the side as I caught fish one by one.

“I’m hungry~”
“Let’s grill these fish and eat then.”
“Eh? We are going to eat these?”


It was a simple doubt of a six-year-old. It seems that Noah didn’t think of eating the fish we caught. Noah only eats food prepared by the mansion’s chefs. However, the same can be said about other noble children. They wouldn’t eat fish they caught themselves.
Fii admonished Noah warmly.

“Noah. The fish you have eaten so far were caught alive like this and cooked deliciously by the chefs in the mansion. It’s not like you never ate them.”
“I know. But how are we going to cook them? There’s no stove here.”
“We are going to make a circle with stones and start a fire in it. We are then going skewer the fish and grill them over the fire.”
“Now then, let’s look for the stones.”

Noah began to look for stones obediently after being told so by Fii. I wanted to help, but Fii told me to look for branches instead. Noah found a stone big enough to grab with both of his hand near the brook and he began making a circle from the stones with Fii.

Looking at them from a distance while picking up branches, the two looked like a parent and a child.

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