Chapter 14

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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You evaluate yourself too lowly.
“Maybe, he’s conscious of my bad looks.”
“What are you saying, Yurika.”
“I mean, I don’t have beautiful strawberry-blonde hair like you sisters, I don’t even have the sky-blue eyes. I have inherited grayish hair from Father like our brothers. I’m the only one breaking the Vise family’s standard.”

As a child, I was mocked by some servants for my appearances. Even though your parents and siblings all beautiful women and handsome men, you alone are pitiful because of your appearances, they said.
Is she perhaps adopted? They speculated among themselves, some even said that I’m a tomboy, that beautiful clothes don’t suit a vulgar mountain monkey like me, my personal maids didn’t give me a change of clothes for more than three days, they didn’t even let me take a bath sometimes, there were even times my clothes were dirtier than those of the servants.

The maids misled me, making me misunderstand that this was my parents’ wish, they deceived me so much that I didn’t even fight back when they didn’t let me change clothes. But, one day, Big Sister Marlene caught the servants oppressing me in the act and they were all dismissed after an investigation. Because of that incident, my fifth sister was feeling guilty about not finding out sooner and she was sad when she noticed how self-deprecating I was about myself.
My parents and siblings were all kind to me, but Big Sister Marlene was particularly kind to me.

“Listen up, Yurika. You evaluate yourself too lowly. You are my little sister I’m most proud of. Have more confidence in yourself.”

Putting the cup down on the plate, Marlene took my hand on my lap and looked at me dearly.

“Thank you, Big Sister. It was a marriage His Majesty took care to arrange himself, but can’t help but feel sorry because it will end up in divorce just because of my worthlessness.”
“Why should you feel apologetic? To divorce you even though you made no mistake, I cannot accept it. Fine, I will question him myself. Someone——”
“Big Sister. Please stop. I don’t wish for that.”
“Yurika, are you fine with things ending like this?”


I nodded. It will become a serious matter if Big Sister gets involved. If she questions him, Anton will only get displeased and people might speak badly of Side Consort because of me.
If you ask me, there’s nothing to talk about.
I have been relying on my reliable sister Marlene since I was young, but I can’t rely on her for this.

“It’s fine. This matter has been already decided, after all. The reason I wanted to see you today was only to report this matter to you. I also wanted to ask you to take care of Noah.”

Noah is a playmate of the first princess born of Big Sister. He’s a year younger than the princess, but they get along well. Once I divorce and return home, Anton who is busy at work probably wouldn’t pay much attention to Noah.

“I wonder what Commander Anton is thinking. Even though Noah still needs a mother…”

Before I completely resigned myself, Big Sister let out a deep sigh.

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