Chapter 42

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Shocking Truth
Clémence’s Point of View
—… Bring her. Bring Richmond and that lass—…

I tried to kill Rosso, who had turned completely black, but I was helpless, even my family was taken hostage, and I came to the Demon Forest breathless.

This was a forest that even dragons were afraid to approach.

Would Lord Richmond really be in a place like this?

As I flew through the sky, I could not believe my eyes when I saw what looked like a village.

There was a village in the deepest part of the Demon Forest!?

Moreover, it was a village where humans lived.
It was impossible to enter the village because of the strong barrier.

Perhaps this is where Lord Richmond and the “lass” Rosso spoke of is.

As I circled above the village, a human girl beckoned me to come down, so I did. I went down, and was able to easily pass through the barrier.

However, the damage from the attack from Rosso was so severe that I passed out.

When I awoke, my wounds had healed as if it was all a dream, and the girl who had beckoned me earlier was nearby, speaking the language of dragons.

Perhaps Lord Richmond had taught her.

The human girl kindly healed my wounds and gave me delicious food that I had never eaten before.

Moreover, she told me that I could stay in this village forever.

How many times have I wished that I didn’t have to take this kindhearted girl a hostage…

But I must return with Lord Richmond and the “lass” he said he loved.

The beloved one of my beloved…

When Rosso, who had turned black, told me this, my heart ached terribly, but I told myself that I had driven him away in the first place, and that I had no right to love him.

And now I was about to betray him again.


… The beloved girl of Lord Richmond…

If I could, I wish I was even allowed to want to be as kind as this human.




Kanade’s Point of View

When I saw Richmond coming down to the basement, I was truly relieved.

I was glad that the Black Dragon and Richmond had not run into each other…

“Kanade, are you alright!?”


Richmond hugged me and checked if I was hurt.

I was embarrassed, but I don’t want to tell anyone how happy I was.

When I felt relieved and relaxed at the sound of Richmond’s voice, I realized for the first time that I had been very nervous.

“I’m okay. Leo protected me.”

With Richmond’s support, I managed to talk.

“I see. Leo, how are you doing? Any injuries? You did good protecting Kanade.”
“No, Lady Kanade erected a barrier, so everything went well. Thank goodness the barrier worked, I wouldn’t be able to fight that thing…”
“Don’t feel down, Leo. There is no one but me who can best the Wicked Dragon, after all.”

Leo seemed relieved by the smiling Richmond too, and smiled wryly.

“And so, Lord Richmond… about Clémence.”

At Leo’s words, Clémence’s shoulders shook.

“What is it? Did you get hurt?”
“She was treated by Lady Kanade… Clémence’s family was apparently taken hostage by the Wicked Dragon and ordered to bring you and Lady Kanade over here.”
“I see…”

Richmond looked at Clémence.

“Lord Richmond… please forgive me.”

Richmond spoke to gently to Clémence, who was apologizing with her face pale.

“It must have been painful for you, Clémence…”

Ahh, geez.
Just how kind is this person?

“…… Ugh, ah… waaaah.”

Clémence started to cry like a child at those words, and I almost cried as a result too.

I am glad I fell in love with Richmond.
I am glad I met such a wonderful person.

Since I came to this world, since I met you, I’ve had nothing but happiness. Richmond.




“—… Richmond, how did the Wicked Dragon know about me, when we have never met before?”

When Clémence calmed down, I asked him again what I had asked him through the reverse scale call.

Richmond seemed to know something, so I kept wondering.

“Mhm… where should I start…”

He thought for a moment and then opened his mouth.


“The Wicked Dragon is my twin—”

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