Chapter 11

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Kindhearted Big Sister
“No need to be in such a hurry. There’s plenty to go around.”

I told them to eat slowly, but they must have been very hungry, and finished their meal in no time, coughing along the way.

They looked sadly at their empty bowls, which reminded me of the first time Richmond came to our house, and I almost burst out laughing.

“There’s seconds, do you still want to eat?”


As expected of twins, their voices were in unison.

Finding it funny, I collected their bowls, told them I would be right back with more food, and headed out of their room and down the stairs to the kitchen.

The house is much larger now, and the distance to the kitchen is far.

Richmond originally lived in a castle, so he didn’t seem to think much of it, aside from saying it was a small mansion.

When I entered the kitchen, I saw Richmond restlessly looking at the sukiyaki in an iron pot on the stove.

It was still early for dinner, so I left it on the stove, but… by the looks of it, I guess I should make dinner now.


“Oh, Kanade. Oh, no, I didn’t try to snatch it or anything!?”

Ah~… so you tried to sneak a bite, huh.

“We will have dinner as soon as I bring the kids some more, so just wait a little bit longer.”

“Ohh, alright. I will be waiting for you!!”

The gluttonous dragon grandpa declared and made his way to the dining room in a good mood.

I refilled the bowls with rice gruel and went back to the children.




Lui’s Point of View
From the time we were born, we were hated by everyone.

We were told that twins were “abominations,” we were a disgrace to the royal family. For a long time, Arthur and I were locked in a room in a tower.

There was always a guard outside the locked door, and we were never allowed to leave the room.

Occasionally, an adult would come in and beat us, kick us, or whip us as if to vent their anger.

Even in this hellish environment, our only pleasure was to read books.


There were so many books in the room that before we knew it, we had learned to read and to speak the language by listening to the guards’ conversations outside.

The guards told us that the reason we had been able to live these “ten years” was because the next generation was not born.

One day, however, we stopped receiving even the small amount of food we used to receive.

We spent our days licking the rainwater that seeped out of the walls. The day we could no longer move, the door to our room was opened, and a few adults in armor carried us out like luggage, put us on something, and when we thought it had started moving… we found ourselves abandoned in the woods.

I was smaller than Arthur and had run out of strength early, so I was already unconscious when we were thrown away.

When I came to, I found myself lying on a soft bed in this beautiful room.

I was puzzled by the luxurious room I had never seen before when a big sister came in.

She spoke to me in a kind voice and informed me that Arthur was lying next to me.

I was so relieved that Arthur was alive that I cried. She wiped my tears with a soft, clean cloth and told me not to cry as it would make me “dehydrated,” but when I tried to tell her that it would be a waste to use such a clean cloth on me, she gave me a cloudy white drink.

Dirty water? I thought… But I was thirsty and would have appreciated any kind of water.

So I drank it.

What’s this?… It was so sweet. Yummy!

I was drinking like crazy, and when I came to, the cup was empty.

I was a little disappointed that it was gone, but then I noticed that I felt lighter, and my wounds were gone, I felt my face loose color.

The drink she gave me was the “potion” from the books!

The book said that “potions” were a miraculous medicine that could rarely be obtained and could not be bought with any amount of money. I drank such a precious thing…

Then, the big sister told me that her family member had healed our wounds with healing magic.

I felt my face getting even paler.

I had read in a book that no humans could use healing magic. Even Subhumans couldn’t, so only dragons were capable of such feat…

I’m sure the big sister was of very high status…

I realized that such a person had helped me and even given me a “potion,” and I didn’t know how to repay her.

So I apologized and told her I didn’t have any money.

But she told me kindly that she didn’t need money and that I should get well.

I had never had anyone say such kind things to me before, so I was about to cry again, but I held it in because I was afraid that I would get the “dehydrated” and she would be forced to give me another potion.

We were shocked by the food we were given after Arthur’s awakening, but we could not imagine that there was a bigger shock waiting for us.

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