Chapter 60

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I think I was having a nostalgic dream.
It was like I was dreaming of going somewhere and becoming friends with someone.
I was trying to remember, but was interrupted by the sound of banging on my door.

“… A noisy person right from the morning.”

A low voice leaked for me because I was still half-asleep.
Jed has a great talent for making me feel uncomfortable as soon as I wake up.
I got out of bed and stood in front of the door, “Who is it? I asked.

(It’s Jed.)

I think it’s wonderful that you’re so cheerful in the morning, but please don’t disturb people’s sleep.

“Good morning, Jed. What can I do for you?”

When I asked through the door, (Good morning, Elle. Can you open the door for me?) he replied, so I let out a deep sigh.

“I just woke up, so I’m not ready yet.”
(S, sorry! Erm, that, I will come later!)

I replied coldly. It was Jed’s fault for coming to visit me in the morning, so I won’t apologize.
He apologized apologetically, and then left with a clatter of his feet.

“He’s not used to women, huh.”

I could tell from his response that he was not used to dealing with women. So, that’s why he was so flustered.
I relegated it to the corner of my mind, thinking that I’d gotten some unimportant information.
I stared at my white hair in the mirror.

“I cannot let him see me like this, after all.”

It’s too unusual of a color. If I had met Jed in the past, he might have recognized me as Gabrielle.
I know he is not my enemy, but whether I can trust him or not is another matter.
After getting ready to go around the town, I went to the door of the inn and found Jed sitting on the couch waiting for me.

“Good morning again.”
“Good morning, Jed.”

Jed’s smiling face made him seem like a large breed dog.
I’m sure dogs are more obedient though, I complained in my mind.

“Let’s go together toda…”
“Sorry, but I will be going by myself today. You can relax by yourself too.”
“N, no, but…”
“Going off on our own after reaching Arburn. Have you forgotten?”
“Of course not…”

I felt like I was doing something wrong when he showed his dejection.
But I’m not going to lose.

“Jed, could you please stop wasting your time on me?”
“W, wasting? You’ve got it wrong, I…”

He looked like he wanted to tell me something, but hesitated and shook his head.
He wasn’t wasting time on me?
You might think so, but you are obviously wasting your effort on me. There’s no point in associating with me.

“Well, I will excuse myself here.”

I bowed and walked away from the inn.

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