Chapter 59

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Jed’s Point of View
I bought a horse in the Portu village and immediately went after Elle.
I had no clue where she had gone.
I searched in the blindly around villages in the Principality of Agreable.

“I should look around the capital next.”

It’s a place that she, a daughter of a Duke, might want to visit.
Before that, I rode my horse to the port town Meil, which was closest to where I was now.
When I arrived at Meil, I spotted a person staring out at the town, just a few steps away from the entrance.
I could tell who she was just from the back view of her head.


Elle reacted to my voice and immediately turned to me.

“Mr. Jed.”

It was different from the way she used to call me, and it felt strange. But I didn’t care about the honorific as long as she called me Jed.

“It really is you! We meet again!”
“Long time no see. We ended up meeting again.”

After exchanging greetings, I vaguely looked at Meil and muttered, “So you came to Meil.”
I thought I had muttered it in my mind, but apparently I had said it out loud, and Elle responded.

“Yes. I always wanted to come here.”
“Is that so? It’s a nice town, isn’t it?”

I came here once before, and it was a nice place.
I remember it was a nice place and the seafood was delicious.

“You are leaving already?”
“I see. Where are you going next?”
“I’m thinking of visiting Arburn next.”

She was going to Arburn after all.
I’m sure she will find me bothersome if I follow her. But I don’t want us to part here when I finally found her.

“Can I go with you, Elle?”

Elle looked surprised at my idiotic question.
I asked, “Is that no good?” since she looked so puzzled.

“It’s not like you can’t, but there’s no reason for us to travel together, right?”
“I want to thank you for the last time. Let me treat you to a good meal in Arburn.”

Elle frowned at me when I gave her this forced reason.
I understand her feelings, but please. Give me permission.

“Why Arburn? If it’s to treat me for a meal, then we can do it here in Meil, too…”
“You are leaving now, aren’t you?”
“That’s true, but…”

I opened my mouth in denial as quickly as I could.

“My place of destination is Arburn as well. Let’s go together if you are okay with that.”

When she gave me a dumbfounded look, I laughed and said, “I’m riding a horse this time, too.”
After a few moments of thought, Elle gave me a small nod.

“Alright. However, we will go our separate ways after we get to Arburn, okay? I want to relax and enjoy sightseeing.”
“After you let me treat you.”
“That’s fine with me.”
“Alright, it’s decided then!”

It looks like Elle and I will stay together.
I was glad to hear that Elle allowed me to go with her, and as I was about to get back on my horse, I was asked, “Weren’t you going to Meil?”

“I have no business here.”
“Is that so…”

Elle looked at me as if she wanted to know the reason I was here.
I didn’t want to tell her that I came looking for her because I thought she would be seriously offended if I did.

“Let’s go then?”

As I remounted my horse, I saw someone coming from the front, galloping at a high rate of speed. As soon as the person who was wearing a deep hood and trying not to show his face passed by us, Elle said a name that sent shivers down my spine.

“Prince Cyril…?”

It was the name of Elle’s fiancé.
She stared at the person as he walked into Meil. However, her expression didn’t look that good.

“Elle? Is something wrong?”
“The person that just passed by looked a lot like someone I used to know, so…”

Elle smiled bitterly, and I replied, “I see.”
It seems that I did not mishear her when she called her fiancé’s name.

“If it’s someone you know, shouldn’t you go meet them?”
“No, it’s fine.”

I asked to find out what she was thinking, and she answered immediately.
Elle’s face became tense, even though she was supposed to be his fiancée, and they were so close. Gradually, her face turned grim.

“Are you okay, Elle? You look like you got scared by something.”
“I’m fine.”

I could only say, “I see.” to her bitterly smiling face.
If Elle doesn’t want to see her fiancé, I’ll make sure she doesn’t see him.

“I will protect you at all cost.”

I strengthened my resolve with a whisper.



“That being said, I was a little too pushy, wasn’t I?”

I muttered as I wiped my wet hair with a towel after taking a bath.
When I was in the Empire, I was educated, but I was never taught how to treat a woman.
When we met three years ago, Elle took the lead, and we were able to have a conversation.
I don’t know how to get closer to a woman.

“She’s completely on guard against me.”

I thought I could catch her just with my reasonably good-looking face, but her fiancé, His Highness Cyril, was also quite handsome.
And I’m sure she’s used to seeing beautiful people.
I can’t even find any signs that she’s aware of me in that way.

“What am I supposed to do?”

I muttered as I laid down on my bed.
If only I could get along with her tomorrow.
With that thought in my mind, I let go of my consciousness and fell asleep.


On the other hand, Elle was—

“Can’t he just leave me alone now?”

Elle was getting fed up with Jed.

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