Chapter 44

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Cyril’s Point of View
Before entering Meil, I passed a man and a woman.
Both had dark hair. I could only see them for a moment, so I couldn’t tell what they looked like, but it probably wasn’t Elle.
I assumed so, and without checking, I entered Meil and looked for Elle.
The first person I asked was a good-looking old man with a white beard who ran the stables.

“A young girl? No, can’t say someone like that came here. We had our circumstances, so fewer visitors came over this past month.”

He shook his head.
That’s true. Elle was forced to leave the country on her own. No, my father and I kicked her out. There was no way she would have visited the stables without having a horse.

“Sorry. Thanks for your help.”
“Sure thing.”

I left the horse with him temporarily and went to look around the port town.
This was the place I was supposed to come with Elle after I married her.
I felt a sense of emptiness as I wondered why I was here alone.

“Young lad, what’s that depressing expression for?”

It was the man who ran the stall who approached me as I hung my head.
Maybe I just wanted a stranger to listen to me.
I slowly opened my mouth.

“I have done something outrageous to the one I love.”

When I muttered so, the man from the stall tilted his head, “Something outrageous?”

“I can’t say it out loud… anyhow, I have done something terrible.”
“Have you apologized for that?”
“No… I never had the chance to apologize.”

It wasn’t until three days after Elle had left that I broke free from the charm spell.
There was no way for me to apologize.

“That’s no good. You better find her quick and apologize. She won’t forgive you otherwise.”

He said in a dumbfounded manner.
Apologize, and then she will forgive me?
That’s impossible. This was not just a quarrel. It was something that warped Elle’s life.
There was no way she would forgive me for ruining her life. And I don’t want her to forgive me either.
Then why am I here?
Why am I looking for Elle?

“… Ahh, I see. What I really wanted for forgiveness, huh.”

I want Elle to forgive me.
I want her to come back to me.
I want her to be my wife.
I want to be with her forever because I will never make that mistake again.


Once I realized this, I couldn’t seem to stop myself.
More and more desire poured out of me.

“How do I get someone to forgive me for something they would never forgive me for?”
“Well, you have to apologize until they forgive you. You have to throw away your pride and get down on your knees and do whatever you can to ask for forgiveness. Well, there are still some things that cannot be forgiven, though.”

The man at the stall looked distantly at me, “I have encountered some unforgivable things lately, too.”

“I thought so…”
“I don’t know what happened to you, lad, but cheer up.”

He hit my back strongly.

“Come to Meil again when you reconcile. I will treat you to something if I remember.”

The shopkeeper laughed, as if making fun of me.
If we can make up, huh…

“All right. I will come here again if we reconcile.”

We will visit here on our honeymoon the next time.
I’m sure it would be a lot of fun with her around.

I gazed at the sea as the sunset set in.



At that time, I had never imagined that Elle had told a man she didn’t even know properly about her childhood dreams that only I knew about.

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