Chapter 45

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We arrived in Arburn a week after leaving Meil.
The last time I came to Arburn was as a Duke’s daughter, so I didn’t get to see the downtown area. Since I came all this way, I want to have some fun this time…

“You seem to be having fun.”

I really wanted to come alone if I could.
I looked next to me at the cheerful voice and saw Jed giving me a smiling look.
In the past week, I have gotten to know him a little better.
He is twenty-three years old. He started his journey about a year ago.
It seems that something happened to him when he was in the Empire, but he seemed to have a hard time telling me, so I didn’t force him by asking.
I didn’t tell him about my past either, so it was mutual.

“Do you have something you like, Elle?”
“I told you that I will treat you, right?”
“Right, that was the case.”

I got laughed at because I had forgotten.
He paid for many of my meals before we even arrived here, so I’m not sure if it’s okay to buy me a meal now.

“So, what do you want to eat?”
“Can I leave it to you?”
“Alright. Is there anything you don’t eat?”
“Not really.”

That’s amazing, he was surprised.
I had a lot of dislikes when I was a child, but when I became the crown prince’s fiancée, I made an effort to eliminate them.
Thanks to this, I can now eat anything.

“Would meat be fine with you then?”

Jed smiled happily. It was probably what he wanted to eat the most right now. If he had told me from the beginning that he wanted meat, I would have gone out with him.
Maybe he just didn’t want to say it since he had already offered to pay for a meal of my choice.

“There’s a good store nearby. Let’s go.”

I followed him as he led the way down the street without getting lost.

“Do you come to Arburn often, Jed?”
“Why do you ask all of sudden?”
“You seem used to it.”
“It’s the second time I have come to Arburn. I’m good at memorizing the roads.”

I replied “I see.” to the cheekily smiling Jed.
I’m not very good at memorizing the way. I used to get lost in the royal castle of Ansanse a lot.
I don’t think I will ever return there again, though.


“You really get engrossed in your thoughts easily, Elle.”
“Ah, sorry about that…”

He looked into my face. While I was surprised at how close we were he pulled me into his arms with a light force.
It took me a few seconds to realize that my face reached his chest and I was being hugged by him.

“You will get assaulted if you daze around like this.”

I looked up to see Jed smiling happily.
To suddenly do something like this, what an easy person.
I pushed him away from me, pushing against his chest.

“Stop it, please.”
“Sorry, don’t make such a scary face. You are ruining your beauty.”
“I will hit you the next time.”
“That sounds scary. But, you better listen to this older brother’s advice.”

I’m not so weak to get assaulted so easily.

“Do you think it’s okay because you are strong?”
“That’s right.”
“You certainly are strong at magic.”

On the way to Arburn, we were attacked by large monsters several times, but I took care of them all with my magic.
I’m sure he recalled that.

“But you are a woman, Elle. You can’t beat a man in a simple contest of strength, right?”
“I can win by strengthening my body with magic.”

I have been taught martial arts since I was a child.
It is true that there is a difference in natural strength between the genders, but with the use of strengthening magic, it is no problem.

“That’s not what I meant, though…”

He looked stunned for some reason.

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