Chapter 124

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Out of the Norm Actions
“You look satisfied, Felix. Raise your head already if that’s the case. More than that will only trouble Takumi-dono.”
“…… That’s so, isn’t it?”

With Austin-sama’s words, Felix-sama finally raised his head.
Haa~…… today is somewhat mentally tiring, isn’t it……

“Ah, right! We have to pay Takumi-dono for the leaves of Majesta tree, don’t we?”
“Did you say Majesta, Felix!??”
“Yes, Elder brother. I heard that Takumi-dono picked them on the way from Bailey to the Capital and handed them over to our Knights.”
“Takumi-dono, is that true?”
“Yes, by coincidence.”

Ahh, Majesta’s leaves, huh…… I received too many shocks I have completely forgotten about it~

“Still, how did you pick them? You were traveling, weren’t you? That tree isn’t something you can freely climb……”
“Allen, got it~”
“Elena got it too~”

Just as Austin-sama was asking how I got the leaves, Allen and Elena claimed that they picked them themselves.

“N? What do they mean?”

But, Austin-sama and Felix-sama don’t seem to have understood the children, so they made puzzled expressions.

“Actually…… the picking was done mainly by the children, you see~”
“What!? The children!?”
“I, I haven’t heard about that! Is that the truth!?”

So, when I conveyed properly that the children did the picking, Austin-sama and Felix-sama looked at the children with surprise on their faces.

“”We climbedmon!””

Unable to stomach Austin-sama’s and Felix-sama’s reaction, Allen and Elena exclaimed one more time.

“Onii~chan did.”
“Po~n, to us~”
“N? Po, po~n?”
“Takumi-dono, what are they talking about?”

The princes couldn’t understand the children and looked at me with lost expressions.

“Ah~…… I threw the children on top of the tree……”

When I explained what I did at that time, the princes stiffened while letting out shocked voices.
Well, you wouldn’t usually use such a method to climb a tree after all.

“No, no, that would be dangerous, wouldn’t it!?”
“That’s right. It wouldn’t end just with an injury if they fell down, you know!”

After a short while, Austin-sama abruptly stood up and complained about our actions. Felix-sama followed in agreement.
The two princes are good people. They are worried about the children even though the matter is already over.

“Well, that’s if they ‘could fall’ though. My children have quite the physical capability, so they were fine. Besides, I was waiting below, so I would have caught them if they have fallen by any chance. But, thank you very much for worrying.”

Austin-sama and Felix-sama finally became quiet.
As Wald-sama said at that time, our actions were out of the norm.

“Ahh, which reminds me, I should have taken this out during the tea.”

I retrieved Majesta fruits from the Infinite Storage and piled them up on the table before me.
It’s a rare fruit so it would have been better if I had taken them out when we were having tea…… it can’t be helped since I have forgotten. But, if I take a little bit more here, it will naturally reach Grace-sama and Tristan-sama too.

“”Majesta fruit!””
“Please have some if you’d like.”
“No, no, no, Takumi-dono! You were picking the leaves, right? Why do you have the fruit too!? Moreover, this many of them!”

Austin-sama was greatly flustered.
Normally, there’s no such a thing as fruit-bearing and leaves turning red at in such a short time.
Therefore, we have not found it strange and picked lots of fruit while collecting the leaves. It was a rare fruit, so it was impossible to not pick extra.

“Huh? Have you not heard? We have picked the fruit before the leaves, but……”
“I haven’t received a report like that!”

Felix-sama immediately reacted to my words.
N~ Wald-sama aside, did Isaac-san forget to make a report? I don’t think it would be possible for that person though…… ah, he might have buried within the reports of the Majesta leaves and Orc assault.

“Well, we have lots so go ahead.”
“”…… Lots?””
“”Yea! Ma~ny!””

As a matter of fact, Allen and Elena worked hard at picking the fruit so we have quite a lot.
Come to think of it, we have eaten the fruit only raw~ I found it delicious when raw, but I would like to try making other things from it too~
N~ would it be worthwhile making syrup and mixing it into ice cream?
A method to make that………… I surprisingly can’t remember. Well, let’s challenge it when there’s time. While thinking such――

“…… Elder brother, I somehow got tired from being surprised too much.”
“…… What a coincidence, Felix. Me too.”

Austin-sama and Felix-sama started a secret talk (?) in low voices.

“I heard of Takumi-dono’s achievements and I also heard the stories from the Knights that accompanied him, but…… he’s straight above the person I have been imagining.”

………… O~y?
They seem to be talking about me, but…… I hear everything you are saying, you see……

“That’s right. It’s just my guess, but I have a feeling that there are more shocking stories rolling around him. Stories beneficial to the country or such.”

No~ there aren’t many shocking topics, you know? …… There aren’t, right?

“Won’t you leave it for the next time? I had enough for today.”
“N~ that’s true. Mother said she will send him an invitation for tea again, so there will be an opportunity.”
“For tea?”
“Yeah, both Mother and Aurora has become captivated by the sweets prepared by Takumi-dono, so she will surely call him over soon.”

That’s right. They wanted to eat the French toast and hotcakes after all.

“…… Sweets, is it?”
“Yeah. I also ate them, but I have never eaten such things before, they were quite delicious.”
“Ah, come to think of it, I heard from the Knights that Takumi-dono is a capable chef. That he excels at camping meals in particular.”

Camping meals of the Knights is…… that is that, right? Just dried meat with salty soup. I got compared to that after all~ Wouldn’t any housewife with a little bit more skill be able to make something more delicious than that?
…… Rather, how long are the two of you intending to be talking in secret (?). The contents are something you could have asked directly, so I would be happy if you finished soon~

“…… Umm~”
“A, ah, sorry. Err, you really don’t mind if we receive these Majesta fruits?”
“Yes, go ahead.”

――Knock, knock.

Just when Austin-sama’s and Felix-sama’s consciousness returned back on us, the door was knocked at.

“Excuse me, Commander. I need you to sign these documents plea……――oh my, Takumi-san?”
“Hello, Isaac-san.”

It was Isaac-san who entered.

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