Chapter 123

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Involved with the Constitution?
Grace-sama’s organized tea party that suddenly took a place continued with questions about sweets from the beginning until the end. Grace-sama was the one who mostly asked the questions. Aurora-sama had a few questions as well.
The two apparently liked the sweets I took out very much. The two’s interest was both the method of making them as well as what other sweets I made… Well, it’s not like the Queen and Crown Princess will “made them themselves” though.

“Furench toast!”
“Oh my, hotcake and French toast? What kind of sweets are those?”
“My, my, what wonderful smiles. They must be that much delicious then?”

And, about the questions but…… for some reason, Allen and Elena who didn’t show any signs of being shy of strangers were answering them. Grace-sama created an extremely friendly mood.
No, well. I get deeply moved when I consider that the two “grew up” from their excessive shyness.
Ah, but, rather than the two being shy of strangers, they felt more like they had no social experiences. Thus must have gotten used to it after meeting many people.
Well, since Allen and Elena don’t understand their social status, they will get close to people as long as there isn’t a problem with their personality.
Rather, the social status of Allen and Elena who are the children of the Water God is higher… no, I am the Wind God’s――Syl’s retainer, so my social status in this world would also be at the top. However, that’s you know… I am originally of commoner origins. If told that the other party is a Queen or Prince, it’s inevitable to wince a little bit, right?

“Takumi-san, I can understand from the children’s state that those sweets are very delicious, but…… what are they in the end?”
“If I had to say, then both are more like bread rather than sweets. Erm…… I will prepare them for the next occasion if there’s any.”
“I see~ I wouldn’t be able to eat any more today after all. Then, I will invite you for tea again and will be relying on you at that time, okay?”
“…… Yes.”

Ah, I have made a mistake~ Just now, didn’t it feel like I have incited Grace-sama to invite us for tea again?
It’s not like I would dislike seeing Grace-sama again, but…… somehow, my spirit got exhausted, so I would like to avoid that again if possible~ Well, I have promised so it can’t be helped. I have to make sure not to forget to prepare hotcakes and French toasts if invited!

“Takumi-dono, do you have time after this?”
“Yes? Err, I don’t have any plans in particular, so……”

While adjusting the things in my mind, Austin-sama suddenly asked about my plans, so I tilted my head in puzzlement.

“Is that so? If that’s the case, could you please accompany me for a little after this?”
“Yes, I don’t mind, but……”
“My, what’s the matter, Austin?”
“I would like Takumi-dono to see the Knights Order at least once and I thought it would be better to introduce him to Felix as well.”
“Ah, that’s true.”

Knights Order? Felix? Eh, who’s that?

“…… Umm?”
“Felix is my son. He’s serving as the Knight Commander.”
“The position of the Knight Commander in our country has been hereditary in the royal family for generations, and my younger brother is currently serving as the Commander.”

A younger brother, that means the Second Prince?

“About that younger brother of mine, he has been concerned about the incident in the Gaya Forest where you saved the Knights and was met with malice instead of gratefulness. It’s only for his self-satisfaction, but would you please come along to receive his apology?”

Ehh!! Apology, you say!? From a Prince?
Uh, it’s that, right? When the young man called Sajesh loved Wald-sama too much and got envious of me for some reason.

“No, no! That was a thoroughly personal matter, it isn’t something Felix-sama has to apologize for!”

Sajesh has already received punishment for that matter. And yet, to receive an apology from the royalty…… what kind of punishment game is that! If something like that happens, I won’t be able to endure it anymore!!

“But you see, Takumi-san. Felix’s apology aside, wouldn’t it be better for you guys to grasp the location of the Knight Order’s headquarters and practice grounds?”
“You are apparently acquaintances with a few Knights, but…… that’s only a handful of people, right? In that case, how about visiting with the thought of increasing acquaintances at least by the face? You would gain Felix’s acquaintanceship as well, but if you are together with Austin, you will receive appropriate recognition of the Knights. There’s a probability that they will be more accommodating when needed, you know?”

Grace-sama has a point. I don’t want to think of it much, but…… if we get involved in some kind of trouble and I won’t be able to do anything about it myself at that time, having the Knight Commander Felix-sama on my side would be advantageous. Even if I have friends within the Knights like Wald-sama and Isaac-san, there will be times when those two wouldn’t be able to move.

“Takumi-san looks like someone who gets into trouble easily, so you can’t be too careful, right?”

I couldn’t help but raise my voice at Grace-sama’s words.
Eh? Do I look like someone who gets into trouble easily? …… No…… yeah, I probably do?
Starting with getting rolled up in Syl’s power, the Gaya Forest’s incident, the incident with Baron Gilbert, the incident with Mermaids…… and most recently, the duel with Raizel… when I look at it like this, there’s quite a lot, isn’t there……
I see, I was someone who gets into trouble easily, huh……
……! In that case, I have to switch my mindset and try hard to make many connections even if small!

――Since that’s the case, then Knights Order HQ, here I come!
My guide is, naturally, the Crown Prince! I feel sorry, but being guided by Austin-sama is important, so I won’t fall back here.
Being guided by Austin-sama was outstandingly effective as we have attracted the attention of the Knights we passed by.
…… Well, I don’t feel too comfortable though.

“Felix, you here?”
“Elder brother!?”

When we arrived at the Knight Commander’s office, Austin-sama knocked on the door and called out. Then, a voice of a panicking man and the sound of someone rushing over resounded from inside.

“Elder brother, is there something a matter as you have come to the Knights Order’s headquarters personally?”

When the door opened, a person that looked exactly like Grace-sama appeared.
There’s no doubt that he’s a man, but this slender person definitely gives off an impression of a “beauty in men’s clothes.” This person is the Second Prince, Felix-sama huh……

“Felix, are you free right now?”
“Y, yes. Please, come in.”

I was guided inside the Knight Commander’s office and took a seat――

“So, Elder brother, who might these people be?”
“They are the people you wanted to meet. Why don’t you take a proper look at them?”

Felix-sama asked about us.
When Austin-sama told him such, Felix-sama took a long hard look at us…… today is a good day for observation, it seems.

“A black-haired young man…… and blue-haired twins? ……!! ―― Elder brother! These people are-!!”
“That’s right. They are who you are thinking of.”

Felix-sama has apparently guess who we are.

“It’s Takumi-dono, isn’t it!”
“Yes, it’s an honor to meet you.”

Yes, he was right.

“Our group member was impolite at that time. I am truly sorry!”

And, the moment he figured who I was, Felix-sama lowered his head.

“Fe, Felix-sama, please raise your head.”

…… In the end, I was apologized to by a Prince.
Rather, is it really all right for royalty to lower their heads this easily?

“The distinction of right and wrong is important even among the royalty after all. Otherwise, arrogant royalty would run rampant, don’t you think?”

It was Austin-sama this time!! I told you! Please stop reading my mind!!

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