Chapter 125

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A Request From the Knights Order?
Isaac-san has come to the Knight Commander Felix-sama in order to have some documents signed, but he opened his eyes in surprise when he saw us.

“Majesta fruit? Ah, have you perhaps come to receive the payment for the Majesta leaves?”

But, seeing the Majesta fruit on top of the table, Isaac-san immediately guessed why we are here.
Well, that would be half-correct? We came here for a different reason, the discussion just turned to the payment for the Majesta leaves.

“We have come here for a different reason, but now, the payment for the Majesta leaves somehow became the topic.”
“Is that so? So, what’s up with these Majesta fruits? Have you decided to sell them? here.”
“This? This is you see~…… a tribute?”
“Oh my, a tribute for the princes? That is a very high-class tribute, isn’t it~”

Then, when I addressed the Majesta fruits on the table in a joking manner, Isaac-san immediately got on.

“Takumi-dono, what are you saying!? Risner too! What are you nodding your head in consent for!”

But, Felix-sama ended up getting angry.
Isaac-san immediately apologized…… was it not something we should have said in front of his superiors after all~?

“Kuku. Felix, the two are just joking around, no need to get so worked up.”

The joke has been understood by Austin-sama, so he rebuked Felix-sama with a wry smile.
Punishing Isaac-san or something…… I’m glad it didn’t come to that~ I have to choose a proper place when telling a joke the next time!

“Well then, Takumi-dono. We will accept this Majesta fruit without reservation.”
“Yes, go ahead.”
“I believe both Father and Mother will be delighted. They have tasted it before and liked it very much after all.”

Do Tristan-sama and Grace-sama love the Majesta fruit? I see, I’m glad then~

“Come on, Felix. Prepare the payment for Takumi-dono.”
“Y, yes. Right away!”

With Austin-sama’s words, Felix-sama called another Knight to the room and made arrangements for the payment.
Ah, come to think of it, Majesta leaves are ingredients for medicine that the Knights are desperately desiring. I wonder if they made the medicine already? Wald-sama looked like he was rushing to make it after all~

“Which reminds me, have you finished making the medicine from the Majesta leaves?”
“No, that’s……”

The topic has changed, but when I asked whether the medicine was made or not, Isaac-san was evasive for some reason.

“N? What’s the matter?”
“Actually…… the creation of the medicine can’t progress because we are missing one of the materials.”

Felix-sama answered instead of Isaac-san.

“Is that so? Is that material perhaps a rare one as well?”
“No. It’s called Ice Flower Grass and it’s not that rare, but…… that medicinal plant grows only during the cold season.”

Is that so? Umm…… ――Ahh, Ice Flower Grass, huh~ I see, you can tell it grows during the cold season just from its name. But, well, only the heyday is during the cold season, so it’s not like it’s not growing in the current season, right~

“Search for~”

Then, hearing about searching for herbs, Allen and Elena pulled on my clothes from both sides.


The two princes and Isaac-san made wondering faces at Allen’s and Elena’s words.

“…… Err, Allen-kun, Elena-san. By searching for, do you mean the Ice Flower Grass?”

The one who understood Allen and Elena fastest was Isaac-san who has known them for the longest.

“Ice Flower Grass is a medicinal plant that grows only when it’s cold, so I think it would be difficult to find them?”
“”There’s none~?””
“No, it’s not like there are none……”

Isaac-san was hesitating to answer the inquiring twins.
He can’t say that there’s “none” but he also can’t say that there “are” to raise their expectations.

“”Onii~chan, let’s go~””

Pull, pull, the children pulled on my clothes again.
N~ let’s see~ After coming to the capital, I let the two experience only stiff things like the audience, so it might be good to go play outside of the town.

“Sure. Let’s go search for herbs tomorrow?”

When I promised them to go picking herbs, the two were obviously delighted.

“Eh, Takumi-dono? Are you really going to search for the Ice Flower Grass? It would be better not to……”

Seeing our exchange, Felix-sama asked with panic in his voice. It seems that he’s trying to stop us because there’s a high possibility of not finding any.

“Although I said picking herbs, it’s mainly to let the kids play outside to their heart’s content, so don’t mind it please.”
“…… Ah, so it’s like that.”

When I conveyed that it would be fine even if we don’t find the Ice Flower Grass, Felix-sama understood.

“Commander, I believe it’s too early to feel relived.”

However, Isaac-san stopped him right there.

“Consider me talking to myself, but Takumi-san and the children really might be able to find the Ice Flower Grass. If that were the case, I believe it would be better to sign a contract of purchase!”
“Wha! Isaac-san!?”

You, don’t you have some kind of misunderstanding about us?

“There’s a less than 10% chance of finding it, you know!? Are you still saying that they will find it!?”
“Yes! We are talking about Takumi-san and the children after all!”
“…… I, I see.”

No, no, no! I’m really not thinking about finding this Ice Flower Grass this time, you know?
I’m telling you that I’m using it only as a pretext to go play in the forest!
Rather, Felix-sama…… why are you consenting there? Austin-sama is also plainly nodding……

“Then, Takumi-dono. Would you sell the Ice Flower Grass to the Knights Order if you find some?”
“No, umm…… I’m really thinking of just going to play in the forest this time, but……”
“Yes, I understand that. Since Risner is pushing that much, just a verbal agreement is enough. It’s only if you “find” it by coincidence.”

Well, I don’t mind that……

“…… I understand. But, I would be happy if you weren’t expecting much.”
“Of course. I believe it would be difficult to find them in the current season after all.”

That being the case, we decided to make a verbal agreement to sell the Ice Flower Grass to the Knights Order were we come across it.
I really don’t know whether we will find it or not, but it’s not like there will be many Ice Flower Grasses before their heyday, so we might have lost the chance to pick them up.
Well, I don’t have any plans to use the Ice Flower Grass even if we came across it by any chance, so I would have to store it in the《Infinite Storage》and sell it at the Adventurer’s Guild anyway.

“Ahh, looks like the payment has arrived too.”
“That seems to be the case. Well then, Takumi-dono, this is the payment for the Majesta leaves. Could you confirm it?”

After receiving the payment, we decided it was time to leave.
Isaac-san has seen us off from the Commander’s office to the gate, but at that time, he asked me about Tonkatsu. Apparently, Wald-sama has been boasting about eating it, so he wanted to eat it himself. Well, I don’t mind treating Isaac-san, so I immediately responded with acknowledgment.
Isaac-san will come to the Ruven mansion in the near future, or we might visit the Risner mansion ourselves.

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