Chapter 436

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Regillus Empire
“Now then, where should we go~”

As I pondered where to go, whether it be to the land or not, Allen and Elena looked at me with curious expressions.

“Well, you see, the nearest coastline from where we are is a country called the Regillus Empire, a place we’ve never been to. So, I am debating whether to go there or return to the Guardia.”
“”New place!””
“Shall we take a look at the Regillus Empire, then?”

And so, with the destination decided by Allen and Elena’s words, we headed to the Regillus Empire.

“Yeah, this is the Regillus Empire. The nearest town is… Glad town. Well, let’s head to the town tomorrow.”
“”Staying overnight~?””
“Yeah, let’s camp here today, or rather, find a place for our house.”
“”Yay~ Staying overnight~””

Since we’re here, I thought we’d camp tonight and maybe have a beach barbecue. We got plenty of seafood, after all.

“For dinner, let’s grill various sea ingredients~”
“”Will eat lots~””
(Niichan Niichan, I want to eat the Sea Serpent too! Oh no! I haven’t given my loot to you, Niichan! Niichan, take it, take it~~~)

Vector hurriedly took out everything from his magic ring and stacked it up to hand it over.

“Whoa~ there’s quite a lot~
“Oniichan, Allen’s too~”
“Elena’s too, please~”
(Niisama, please also take what I have.)
(Aniue, please take mine as well.)
“Uwah, wait a moment!”

Next, Allen and Elena, Feat and Bolt also took out their spoils from the magic bags and magic rings. When materials piled up to make a small mountain by one were gathered by several people, it became quite a sight to behold. So, I hurriedly stored the materials in the Infinite Storage.

“… You’ve defeated quite a number of monsters, huh?”
“Did our best!””

I would like them not to try too hard. After all, the level difference is… well, I guess giving up is the best option at this point.

“Well, Takumi, store what I’ve gathered too.”
“Huh, why!? Your magic ring has a slow time and a considerable capacity, no?”

For some reason, Kaiser was trying to hand over materials to me too.

“Indeed, that is true, but even if I have the materials, I have no use for them!”
“If they can be used as ingredients, wouldn’t it be fine to have them?”
“My usual meals consist of living monsters! So, I don’t like eating what I have killed before! Oh, if it’s your cooking, it’s very welcome, though!”
“… I can’t return everything as cooked dishes.”
“Yes, I understand. It would make me happy if I could keep some dishes when I leave.”
“Got it. Also, what about selling non-food items and buying street food in town?”
“Ohh! That’s a good idea too!”

I decided to take Kaiser’s materials as well, and I’ll handle the selling part. Kaiser can’t become a Guild member anyway.

“So… what were we doing before this?”

Due to the impromptu luggage organization, I forgot what we were doing before.

(Niichan! Sea Serpent!)
“Oh! Right.”

Vector was talking about wanting to eat Sea Serpent. I took out the Sea Serpent stored in the Infinite Storage.

“If we’re going to eat it, we need to dismantle it.”

By the way… grilling on the beach is about grilling freshly caught seafood on the shore, right? Can Sea Serpent be considered seafood? If it falls under the category of sea creatures, it is acceptable, no? In that case, can I include a Blue Dragon too?

“”Wanna dismantle!””
“Dismantle? What do you want to dismantle?”
“”Sea Serpent!””

At Allen and Elena’s sudden announcement, I involuntarily took a second look at the children’s faces.


“Nonono, this is big, and… probably tough?”
“”Will do our best!””
“… Ehh~”
“Can these children dismantle a monster of this size?”
“Huh? Well… yeah, they’ve seen the dismantling of snake-like creatures several times, so they should remember the procedure.”
“We remember~”
“We studied~”

The creatures the children had actually dismantled were not numerous in terms of variety. However, since they had observed someone dismantling carefully and had studied from books, they should be fine with the procedure.

“I shall lend my strength. While I haven’t done dismantling before, if you give instructions, I will act accordingly. In that case, it should be fine to let the children do it.”
“”Yay~! Thank you, Kaiser!””
“All good.”

For some reason, in no time, the children were ready to dismantle the Sea Serpent.

“No, wait a minute…”
“Leave the Sea Serpent to us, Takumi. You can prepare the Blue Dragon.”
(Oh, we can eat dragon meat! Exciting!)
(Niisama, do your best!)
“… Alright.”

I couldn’t refuse the expectant gazes from everyone. Honestly, I also want to try Blue Dragon meat, so I took out a portion of the Blue Dragon that I had dismantled from the Infinite Storage.

As a signal, the children, with knives in hand, confidently headed towards the Sea Serpent with Kaiser.

“For now, let’s start with peeling the skin, shall we?”

The Blue Dragon’s parts were of circular slices around the middle of its body. So, after making a cut, I peeled the skin from the cut like carving. The result was a rectangular piece of leather with scales!
After that, I divided the parts into blocks, excluding the bones.

“All right, I guess that’s it~”

I further cut it into pieces for easy grilling, and the Blue Dragon was ready.


Around the same time, it seems the children had finished their work and called out to me with excitement.

“”We’re done~””
“Huh? Already!?”

It seems the children have finished dismantling the Sea Serpent, a whole body’s worth. Even though it was smaller than the Blue Dragon, it was larger than the part I prepared, you know?

“Takumi, this is the skin we peeled off in its entirity.”
“Oh, yeah… thanks.”

The efficient teamwork of the three seems to have improved the efficiency of the work. I received the skin from Kaiser a bit bewildered and stored it in the Infinite Storage.

“Oniichan, store the meat too~”
“Oniichan, these are for eating~”

Allen and Elena handed over the meat they divided into blocks. Moreover, the meat for eating was in steak-sized pieces!

“Allen and Elena, you guys are amazing~”
“Yeah, you work fast, and the dismantled parts are clean. You did a great job~”

Well, to be able to do this much at their age is truly rare, I think. My children who can do so much make me want to find something they can’t do in return… Perhaps I feel that way because I’m frustrated?

“Well then, let’s make a meal after cleaning up.”

When in a complicated mood, the best way to forget is to eat something delicious.

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