Chapter 437

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Freshly Caught Seafood Broiled at the Beach
“For now, let’s stick with just salt and pepper. If you want sauce or other flavored salt, let me know.”
“”((((((Sure thing!))))))””

Since the number of people has increased, I feel a bit uneasy about the amount that can be cooked with the hot plate I currently have. It might be better to increase the number of hot plates or make a larger one. For now, let’s also make use of the regular stove and frying pan set. And then… like in the beginning, we can either skewer the meat around the bonfire and cook it over an open flame.

“Is it ready?”
“Can we eat?”
“N~ looks good.”
“”Yay~! Let’s eat~!””

First, let’s start with the Sea Serpent meat.

“Yeah, it’s tasty.”

Whether Sea Serpent is classified as meat or fish is unclear to me, but it has a meltingly fatty texture and a light taste.

“This looks done as well.”
“”Eat, eat~””

Next, we have the Blue Dragon meat.

“Wow~~~ this is beyond delicious. I can’t find any words other than ‘delicious’ to describe this.”
(Dragons are yummy!)
(So delicious~)
(It’s very tasty.)
(Delish! This is so good!)
(It’s yummy!)
(Nyam, nyam~)

I thought Sea Serpent was delicious, but the Blue Dragon was even better. Anyway, the only word that came to mind was “delicious.”

“Hmm, so this is the taste when you cook it. It’s tasty raw, but this is also tasty!”

Perhaps because Kaiser was accustomed to eating dragons, he savored the taste thoroughly and compared it to what he had before.

“… But, this is how lower-rank dragons taste, huh?”
“Other dragons!”
“Are even yummier!?”

Even without me expressing it in words, the children understood what I meant and their eyes sparkled.

“Moreover, there are dragons of attributes other than water~”
“”Ah! That’s right!””
(I see! And when it comes to higher-ranking dragons, the taste might be different!)
(Would a Red Dragon, for example, taste any different?)
(I want to compare them~)
(I’ll definitely hunt them! Niichan, let’s go where dragons might be!)
(Someday, I want to try eating them!)
(Dragons, yumm~)

There are six attributes among the higher-ranking dragons, including water, fire, wind, earth, light, and dark.

“I promise I’ll get you a Water Dragon eventually. So, when you get dragons other than the water attribute, be sure to let me taste them!”
“”We’ll do our best!””
“No, no, no! It’s definitely intriguing, but you don’t have to work hard for that!”
“Even if you make that dissatisfied face, we won’t casually go to places where dragons are likely to live.”

At this rate, they would be running towards unexplored regions or something. I can’t overlook that, so stopping them is the only option. I’m really curious, too! But I can’t agree with that.

“”Then! Then! Won’t it come attacking us~?””
“Attacking? Wait, attacking!? … Hey, don’t say something so ominous! But if we were attacked… would you fight? No, depending on the place, wouldn’t you run away!?”
“Ehh~ let’s fight~””
“Oh, come on! Let’s put the dragon talk on hold for now. Look, the next batch is ready. Shrimp, scallops, and such. So, let’s eat rice now~”
“”Ah, will eat, will eat!””

Since I might lose if I continued the conversation, I decided to focus on the meal for now.


“Look, the crabs are done too~”
“”Everything looks so yummy~””

… Did I succeed in diverting the conversation?

(Oniichan, does this meat look done, too? Can I eat it?)
“Yeah, it looks good. Go ahead~”
“Allen will eat too!”
“Give some to Elena too!”

The Sea Serpent and the Blue Dragon meat were delicious, but since fresh seafood was also tasty, the children quickly became engrossed in their meal.

“”It was yummy~””
“Both of you ate a lot~”
“”Couldn’t stop eating~””

Allen and Elena were rubbing their stomachs, indicating they were so full that they almost couldn’t move.
I’m sure the children’s bellies are pleasantly round by now.

(… Ate too much, feeling a bit uncomfortable.)
(… Me too.)
(… Same here.)
(… Ugh~ can’t eat anymore~~~)
(… My stomach is full~)
(… Can’t move~)
“I am very satisfied!”

Not just the two of them, but Joule and the others also ate a lot, and they laid down while complaining “I can’t eat anymore~~~”

“So, let’s stop around here… even though I told you to stop.”
“”But~ it was so deli~sh.””

I admit that I also ate a bit too much, but not as much as everyone else.
After all, there’s still meat left, and if I want to eat more, I can do it anytime.

“Come on, it’ll be dark soon. Let’s look for a place to set up the house. If you want to lie down, you can lie down as much as you want there. We’re moving now.”

Setting up a house right in the middle of the beach would attract attention, so I want to find a slightly more secluded spot.

“”… Oka~y.””

As I urged everyone to move, the children began to move at an unexpectedly slow pace, like I’ve never seen them before. It was really slow, almost sluggish. Unusual. I thought they couldn’t move much at this rate, so I decided to set up the house in the shade of nearby rocks. This is originally an unpopulated place, so it doesn’t seem likely that anyone will see us once it gets dark.

“Come on, this way.”

I stood at the entrance, and before the children passed through the door, I used magic to clean them up. They were all covered in sand from lying on the beach.

“… Wah~”

Once inside the room, each one found their favorite spot to lie down.
It was the first time for Radian and Kaiser to enter this house, but they found comfortable spots and lay down.

“… Really unusual.”

Even so, the fact that the spot I usually use stayed vacant was just a coincidence, right?

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