Chapter 7

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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I, Who Awakened
“Dragon’s Raging Fire Sword Flow──Beheading Slash!”

With a slash of her sword, Claire cuts down another Orc.

Franky speaking, she’s strong. Outrageous strength.

The 20 Orcs that were summoned were all defeated by Claire.

“Y, you……”

Gaizas stares at Claire with a stiff face.
She is stronger than he imagined, as one would expect he’s flustered.

“It’s just you now.”

She shakes her sword to remove the blood and then points the sword at the magician.

“You bitch……! Do you intend to go against the Magic Empire──against His Majesty the Magic Emperor?”

“I will protect this village. I told you so.”

Claire answered casually.

“To whoever tries to harm my precious hometown──death.”

“Don, don’t get cocky……!”

Gaizas who was grinding his teeth in anger suddenly distanced himself.

“You won’t get away──”

Claire who was preparing to chase,

“Black Tentacle * Tentacle Bind!”

Gaizas completes his spell.
Claire avoids the black light extending from the ground easily.
However, the target wasn’t her.


The black tentacle coiled around one of the villagers.

“U…… aa……”


I and Claire shout at the same time.

“Throw away your sword.”

Gaizas says while tightening the neck of my mother with the tentacle.
With a threat, he strengthens the power of the tentacle.

“N…… aa……”

The tentacle wraps around my mother’s neck tighter, her face becomes pale.

“Stop it!”

I and Claire scream at the same time again.

“…… I understand.”

Claire gives up and throws her sword on the ground with a regrettable expression.


“Kukuku, this is Magic Empire’s way of doing things. We utilize any means to obtain victory──optimistic chivalry is useless in front of us.”

Gaizas triumphs.

“Now then. I must thank you for killing twenty of my Orcs.”

He looks at Claire’s body with creepy eyes.

“If you want to kill me then get over it. If you want to violate me, then violate me.”

Claire said expressionlessly.

“But release Aunty. Don’t raise your hand against Abel and the villagers.”

“So gallant.”

Gaizas laughs and points his finger at the female knight.


Magical power surged from his finger it took a form of Energy Bullet and blown her off.

“Gu…… Geho, goho.”

Claire vomited blood while feebly standing up.

Her right arm bent in a strange direction.
Was it broken with that blow?

Shit, Claire will get killed at this rate──

“I won’t kill you so easily. A person who goes against the Magic Empire──I will make an example of you.”

Gaizas seemed to be enjoying himself.

“First, I will break your hands and feet. Then when there’s no resistance, I will summon demons and let them rape your hole after hole. You will regret being born as a woman, hahaha haha!”

Damn it.
Will I just stand and watch?

Didn’t I want『Power』for times like these?

How long are you going to tremble, me?
How long are you going to be afraid, me!

“Now then, first I blow off your right hand.”

Gaizas points his finger at Claire’s right hand.


Something inside me snapped.

The uneasiness and fear from before vanished.
I kick the ground and start running.

I just want to help Claire and Mother.
I will never forgive him.

I only think about this and run.

“Hou. There was another reckless one.”

Gaizas changes his line of sight on me.
He points his finger that glows in red light at me.

This is bad, I don’t have enough distance to avoid!

──No, it’s alright.
I have an unrivaled talent in magic.

Believe in my magic──

“I will kill you first! Burst open!”

Magic Power that resembles Energy Bullet is shot.
A terrific explosion broke out in the surroundings──

──the flames slowly clear up.

“Yo, you……!?”

Gaizas glares at me with a surprised face.

I haven’t suffered a single injury.

Before me, a blue barrier was glowing.

Shield of Protection – Aegis Sphere

As the name suggests it’s a defensive spell that repels attacks.

The spell that I invoked repelled Gaizas’ Energy Bullet easily.

The present explosion is an aftermath of the energy.

“That is…… Magic!? Impossible, a magician in such remote place!?”

I gaze coldly at Gaizas who is astonished.

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