Chapter 8

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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A Difference in Status
The situation has completely reversed.


I greatly breathe out.

It was my first time using it in actual combat, but apparently it somehow worked.
This is the result of training for several years.

“Eei, even though you can use magic as well, after all you are from the remote region. You are not an opponent of Imperial Magician!”

Gaizas screams in irritation and tightened the grip of the tentacles around my Mother’s neck.

“N…… Ga, a……”

Mother’s face quickly turns to deathly pale.

“Stop it!”

I scream in panic.

“Don’t move. Of course, chanting spells is also prohibited.”

Gaizas gave out a warning and started chanting himself.

He probably judged that I won’t be killed with that chantless magic from a while ago.
Fundamentally, the longer the chant is the stronger the power of the magic.

“Do you intend to break through my defense by chanting a high-level spell──”

Furthermore, he forbid me from chanting to prevent resistance.
What a heinous cowardly means.

“That’s the difference between us──Dance! Dance! And tear to pieces! Blade of the God of Thunder * Lightning Slash.”

Gaizas completes the chant and lightning struck down from the sky.
I fear that’s likely several thousands of volts charging towards me,


The defense that I could for with chantless magic dispersed plainly.

“Wha!?── Are you saying that you prevented my strongest magic with chantless defense spell──”

Gaizas raised his voice in surprise.

“Wh, whawhat…… you…… that magic power……!? the level is different……!?”

He breathes heavily after using his most powerful magic spell.

At that moment, I did not miss the chance that has appeared.


I strengthen the will in my heart and invoke a chant again.
However, this time, it’s not a defensive spell.


A soundless groan of surprise escapes from Gaizas’ lips.
I create an invisible blade made from magic power and bisect the black tentacle wrapped around Mother’s neck.

“Sh, shi──”

“It’s the end, Gaizas.”

I told Gizas in an ice-cold voice and pointed my right hand towards him.

If something happens to Mother, I will end you──
That’s the meaning behind my expression.

“D, don’t be so conceited, brat……”

Gaizas backs off slowly.

“Our Empire is already…… Already started invading your stupid country. Mighty magicians to which I can’t even compare, will trample all over your country! Every man of this country will be killed, women will be violated──including that female knight! Haha haha, serves you right!”

Together with a parting threat, Gaizas chants a high-speed flying spell and disappears in the sky.

“He still had that much magic power left, huh.”

I look at the fleeting figure of Gaizas which soon becomes a speckle in the sky and mutter.

Of course, I can chase after him.
But I should not leave this place now.

Gaizas might come back or a new member of the Empire may appear.

At any rate, the fight is over.
For the time being, but──

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