Chapter 9

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Banquet and the Temptation
In the evening of the next day, a grand banquet was held.

It was a welcome party for Claire yesterday, today is a victory celebration party.
I encountered a crossfire of questions about me having magic.

“Why did you hide it until now?”
“Magician? Amazing!”
“Hey, hey, teach me how to do it too.”

The village girls surrounded me.

Until now they regarded me as “Physically fragile good-for-nothing boy” even though they ignored me──
Wow, I’ve become popular all of sudden.

I wonder if driving away a magician of the Magic Empire has such an impact.

The village men seem full of envy, they look at me with awkward faces.
Everyone looked down on me until now.

“Well, because I couldn’t control it well yet I decided to keep it secret…… Such unsteady magic is dangerous……”

It’s my first time experiencing being surrounded by large amounts of girls.
I’m completely embarrassed and confused.

“Such modesty is also cool~”
“I always thought that Abel was handsome.”
“Ah, not fair. Even I though that~”

Nonono. Didn’t you guys talk behind my back until recently?
Though I was surprised at this crew, well it didn’t feel bad to be praised.

More than anything, I was able to feel the softness of the girls’ bodies glued to me, the fragrance is making me──
I who is not familiar with women is on a verge.

“Indeed, you are a hero who saved the village.”

Mayor passed me alcohol with an overjoyed face.

“Claire saved the village together with me.”

I respond.

In fact, Claire defeated twenty Orcs by herself.
Claire should be praised just as much as me.

“Thank you, Abel. However, you are the one who defeated the magician. You can boast about it.”

Claire came close to me.

I cured her arm which was broken by Gaizas with healing magic.
There doesn’t seem to be any problems with Claire after checking her condition.

I sigh in relief.

After all, my magic is self-taught
I’m confident about my control, but I’m inexperienced.

I was worried a little because it was my first time using healing magic, I’m glad it went well.

──After the excitement of the banquet hit the peak, the atmosphere slowly came to an end.

“Then, Abel. It’s time──”

The village Mayor came and called out to me.

“As the village law states. I will reward you.”

“Law? Reward?”

“It’s our gratitude. I want you to receive it by all means.”

The other men watched me while grinning.
What what?

“You will see if you go. I have prepared a detached room. Enjoy yourself plenty tonight, hihi hihi.”

Mayor said to me with a filthy smile, he urged me to go.

──What the hell is going on?

I was led away by the elder to a detached room.

A luxurious bedroom is inside.
A bed covered in the canopy which is ill-matched in the poor village.

And on the side──


Claire was sitting there straight for some reason.
Like a slave respectfully waiting for the king.

“He, hello I was selected as your partner today…… Pl, please take care of me.”

Claire seems to be very tense.
Furthermore, why is she wearing the knight armor again?

“Ah, this appearance? I was a little nervous…… I thought I could calm down a little if I wear this.”

“Nervous? What are you talking about in the first place?”

“…… Eh, Mayor didn’t tell you?”

Claire was surprised.

“No way…… they were supposed to arrange everything……”

She pouts.

“In any case, please explain.”

“…… There is a law in a village like this.”

Claire blushed for some reason and cleared her throat.

“The person who saves the village will receive a reward. The best feast and wine harvested that year──”

Claire breathes out and says.

“And village maiden’s….. virginity……”


I repeated like a parrot and stared at Claire.


O, oi, Claire being here, means, no way.

Claire blushed and nodded.

“I will give you my, vi, virginity.”

She says with a trembling voice.
She looks up at me with slightly moist eyes.

“G, gratefully receive it, okay?”

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