Chapter 10

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First Experience with Female Knight ・ Part 1※
“W, wait a second, what are you talking about all of sudden, Claire!?”

I cried out of flustered.

Just now, Claire said something like that right?

To give me her virginity──

That’s some abrupt development.

Certainly, Claire is cute, beautiful, her style is good, chivalrous──Since I first saw her I thought she was fascinating.
But, if you say something like this all of sudden, I wasn’t prepared for this……

…… Gulp.

While I swallow saliva, I stared at Claire again.

Only a small candle is lit up in the room.
In the dim room, Claire’s beauty seems magical.
More than anything her elegant posture brims over with feminine charm.

“In the first place, why. This law. Is strange.”

“I also didn’t know that such a law exists. In the middle of the banquet, the Mayor told me ‘We will reward Abel’ and told me about this.”

According to Claire──

This village was involved in many wars, basically with no peaceful times.
However several hundred years ago, a large war erupted and we were exposed to the invasion of the enemy country.

During such times, a lone traveler has saved our village.
With overwhelming strength, he forced the enemy forces to retreat and saved the village.
In order to show gratitude, the Village Mayor of that time bestowed a village maiden upon him.

And after he gave the savior a maiden as a reward, he made it a law, but that law didn’t take a place in several hundred years──
Now this time, because I saved the village, the law that was forgotten for several hundred years came back to light.

“Bu, but, why Claire──”

“You saved my life. This is my gratitude.”


“Gee, this is something I decided myself. Perhaps──you don’t like me being your…… partner?”

As Claire stared at me anxiously, I held my breath.

“I don’t…… dislike it. Rather, I’m happy.”

“Then, I will service you.”

Claire respectfully approached me and kneeled before me.
The equipped knight armor made a sound.

“I can take it off…… right?”

Claire lay her hands on my pants.

Eh, is this okay? Is this really okay?

The confusion and the excitement welled up in my mind.
Claire takes off my pants timidly.

N, wait a minute.
This situation certainly──

“Same as yesterday’s dream……?”

I remember it.
Come to think of it, Claire was wearing knight armor and was blowing me that time.

She said it was a reward for saving the village.

I got it.
That wasn’t a simple dream──Some sort of precognition?

My pants fall down on the floor.
My penis which is exposed to the air felt a chill.


Together with Claire’s painful sigh, a hot gaze fell between my crotch.

“Abel’s…… is shaped like this……”

Her shimmering eyes in the dark are awfully charming.

“Err, doing it first with mouth…… is the proper way, right? I heard it before from the talk of girls with experience……”

Claire timidly moved her face closer to my penis.
Her sweet breath slowly approaches.

Ah, finally──

That moment, I remembered the dream and my thing vigorously throbbed.

“Ku, fua……”

The next moment, tender lips touched my glans.
Hot lips, which make me feel like I’m melting.


With only a touch, an electric current ran through my dick.
Claire opens her red lips and holds the head in her mouth.
Sticky saliva and her tongue coil around my dick.

“Aa, ku, haa…… aa…… aaa.”

With that alone, a pleasant feeling reaches me, I look at the ceiling and pant.

Jupo, jupu……!

A quiet sound of sticky saliva echoes through the room.
I was listening to the comfortable obscene harmony.

──Every sensation is identical to the one in the dream.

Claire kneeling down on both her knees, wholeheartedly absorbed in fellatio.

She opens her seductive red lips.
And swallows my symbol whole.
The sticky saliva starts splashing around and spreads the sweet smell around.

She’s timidly caressing dancing around my glans with her tongue, allowing me to experience her innocence and excitement.
It was coated with a large quantity of saliva, my symbol became slimy.

“Nn, chiyu…… rero …… o…… chiyu, jiyuuu……”

My meat stick goes in and out of Claire’s mouth again and again.
The friction between her cheeks is making me feel numb to the core.

“Chiyu, pu….. n, chiyu…… fuuu…… n, u……”

While sucking my meat stick, she gradually becomes intoxicated, the corners of her eyes turn red.
She narrows her eyes and they become wet with excitement.

That Claire is──

A chivalrous female knight is eating my shameful organ with her lovely lips and licks it with her tongue.

I can’t believe the things happening within my body.
I doubt if this is another dream or not.

But, this is different.

In comparison with the last scene, this sense of reality is stronger.
More than anything, my penis is in a constant attack of pleasure──It can’t be a dream.

“U, gwu…… Uaaa.”

Before I became aware, I groaned.

My lower part of the body shakes incessantly.
Feels good. It feels too good.

It’s in a totally different dimension than doing it with my hand.
The pleasant feeling in my lower body gradually increases and my body trembles.

Approximately 5 minutes passed since the fellatio begun, I will reach the climax soon.

“U, aa, coming……!”

Doku! Dokudokudoku! Dobyuruuuuuu!

A refreshing sensation goes from hips to the brain.
My dick may burst open from the inside, with a feeling of freedom I release a large amount of sperm.

“N, guuu!? Fumu, n, faaa…… chiyuu……”

Claire opens her eyes in surprise and tries to swallow the heavy load I released.

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