Chapter 11

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First Experience with Female Knight ・ Part 2※
“Fuu…… This is how Abel tastes……”

When I pull out my penis, Claire sighs as sperm drips out from her mouth.

Because of that sexy expression, the muscles around my spine started throbbing.
Even though I just came a little while ago, the blood has collected in my penis again.

In no time, it welled up again and stood hard.

“I, it got bigger again……!? Amazing……”

Claire stared at me with passionate eyes.

I won’t calm down with just fellatio.
I want to do more comfortable things.

I want to do more pleasant things with Claire.

“I, if you stare at me like that…… I……”

Claire is squirming her waist restlessly.
The metal armor is making gochari sounds.


“It feels itchy between my legs…… n, chiyu…… I want it.”

I wonder if Claire got excited from her first oral sex.
The dignified beauty blushes more and more and sighs many times.

“Do you want to…… continue?”

Claire looked up at me and asked.

“I will gi, give you my virginity, I mean it’s the village’s law.”

In other words, I will have sex with Claire.
The thing called The first experience.

“Is that──really okay?”

I blurted with aroused voice.

“I said so a while ago. I want to thank you for saving my life.”

Claire nods with a smile on her face.

“I don’t dislike it, I was not forced into this so please don’t worry about it.”

“…… I understand. I will gratefully accept your feelings.”

I stared at Claire once again.

Beautiful, with good style, if I had a girlfriend like her it would be the best.

However, Claire’s charm isn’t only on the surface.
Risking her life to protect the village, she’s a chivalrous girl.

I was attracted to such Claire.

There was an accident when we first met, but that doesn’t matter anymore.

I want with Claire──

I want to have my first time with her.

Claire’s expression changed, did she misunderstood because of my silence?

“…… But Abel has the right to choose. If you don’t want to do it with me, I can call some other girl──”

“N, no, that’s wrong. I’m sorry for letting you misunderstand.”

I shook my head in a hurry.

“I…… want to do it with Claire. I’m happy that Claire is my first partner.”

I start blushing after saying that.

What is this, it sounds like a confession.

The silence takes over the place.

N, Claire? You have no reaction?

When I became uneasy I looked at Claire──
Claire is looking down with a red face while her shoulders are trembling.

“Is something wrong?”

“When you say it so straightforwardly I will get embarrassed…… Ah, uun, nothing.”

Claire shakes her head embarrassingly and stands up.

“Umm…… I should probably take my clothes off too……”

Gacha, gacha. The Knight armor makes sounds while she’s taking it off.

Claire who ended up only in bra and panties takes a deep breath.

For some time, she stood there dressed only in her underwear, after making up her mind, she took another deep breath.
And then with shaking hands, she started getting rid of her bra and panties.

I will see Claire completely nude soon──

I watched her undressing entranced.
Before long, the underwear is taken off, and white soft skin comes to light in the dim room.


I leaked out a voice of admiration.
Beautiful to the point of getting impressed.

This is, Claire’s body──

Claire’s breasts shook slightly in accordance with her breathing.
Lovely pink pointy ends in the middle.
The firm abdomen which the result of the tough knight training.
Because she has such a fighting ability, I imagined her body would have more muscles.
But Claire’s body is completely different from what I imagined.
Every curve of her body, chest, waist, buttocks limbs are all very feminine.

Seeing her totally naked, my meat stick stood in full erection, almost hitting my navel.

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