Chapter 12

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First Experience with Female Knight ・ Part 3※¨
A bashful smile appears on Claire’s face, she wiggled her attractive naked body.
Her abundant juicy breasts are shaking.
I glued my eyes at those two perky mounds.

“I said, don’t stare at me so much, geez.”

Claire puffs her cheeks lightly.
Such a gesture is lovely too.

Just from looking, blood gathers between my crotch.
My penis is throbbing lively, more than from the fellatio before.


Unable to control my excitement, I forcibly tear off my jacket.

With this, we are both stark naked.

When I stretch my hand towards Claire, the other side also stretched her hand the same way.
We intertwine our fingers with each other.

Both I and Claire let out a long sigh of excitement.

With our fingers entangled, we fall down on the bed.
I ended up on the top of Claire.


Eager sigh tickles me on my face.

A warm nude body breathed below me.
The soft and elastic breasts are pushing against me.

This is the first time in my life I touched a nude girl’s body──

While shaking with excitement I stretched out my hand towards Claire’s chest.

Even after being crushed by my body, they still retain beautiful bowl-like shape.
When I spread my fingers and grab them, my fingers seemed to melt under the soft touch.

“N…… fua……”

Claire frowns and lets out a faint moan, it’s unbearably erotic.

Giyu, muni, I squeezed it and rubbed it.
Unbelievably soft and so elastic that my fingers are being repelled.

A small bulge stiffened in the middle, I excitingly concentrated on rubbing it.

My other-self was swelling, under the strain from the inside.
It sprung up many times over, the tip was tapping the inner part of Claire’s thigh.

I want to touch Claire more.
I reached my other hand towards between her legs.

“Ya…… aa……”

Claire pants subtly.


A wet feeling welcomed my fingertips. It’s wet.

Is it from the fellatio or from the breast message?
While thinking such, Claire’s place was getting wetter.

I trace two fingers around the labia and slowly insert them in the crack.
I slowly caressed the place that was surely closed until now.

Zuchiyu, zubuuu.

While splitting the wet petals apart, I slowly push my fingertips inside Claire.
It’s incredibly warm and tight.
Moreover, it’s slowly tightening around my fingers.

This is inside of woman──!?

I savor the sensation of touching a woman for the first time in my life,

“Aa…… fuaa, an……!? Abel’s, fingers…… are, inside…… inside……”

Claire tenses up and twists her body.
Her eyebrows relax and a sweet breath escapes from her half-open mouth.

“Claire, you are so wet……」

“Noo~o, d, don’t say that……”

Claire panted bashfully.

Guchiyu, the wet sound resounded around the room loudly.
As if understanding the tight interior, I sank my fingers deeper little by little.

“Ha, aa…… n!? Ku, fa……”

Her vagina tightens around my fingers harder and harder.

If, my penis was inside instead of my fingers, just how much pleasure would that be──
Just imagining this sent electric current through my lower parts.
At that moment my penis was eagerly waiting ached.

The head grows in size, a smelly liquid drips out.
Kuchiyu, kuchiyu, the hot vagina is stirred with my fingers.

“Fu, aa…… o…… nn, ku…… feels so good, good…… awa, a……”

Is Claire naturally sensitive, or are all girls so sensitive, my childhood friend sings from my fingering.

When I pull out fingers slowly and look at them, the fingers which were deep inside are coated in slimy liquid.
A bittersweet scent drifts to my nose.

“Claire, I, I can’t hold it anymore……!”

When I blurted with an excited voice, I spread her legs open.

Claire got surprised as I pounced on her.

She looked at me with a frightened uneasy face.
You wouldn’t believe she was fearlessly annihilating Orc troops just a while ago.

“Kiya, a……”

When her slender and well-proportioned legs are spread, she covers her face bashfully.
Her female part is completely exposed before me.

“This is…… Claire’s……!”

A light patch of pubic hair was growing on the top.
Below that, her honest crack is completely visible.

Her shiny wet vagina was slightly open with my fingers.
Hiku, hiku, it was twitching as it was calling for me.

If it’s like that, something bigger than fingers may enter.

“Claire, is it okay to…… put it inside……?”

I was barely able to open my mouth.
My throat is dried entirely, words don’t come out smoothly.

“…… Come.”

Claire’s voice was similarly hoarse.

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