Chapter 13

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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First Experience with Female Knight ・ Part 4※
At last, the time of my first sexual experience has arrived──!

My heart beats fast from all the tension and anticipation.
It throbs so much it may rupture from the inside.

When I exhale a deep breath, I moved my waist forward between Claire’s legs.

I grab my meat stick with both hands and pushed the head towards the wet hole.
Kuchiyu, I felt the wetness.

Err, it’s okay to put in just like that right……?

Though I saw it many times in Eromangas and AVs, the actual practice is first for me.
As expected, it’s totally different doing it myself than in the videos.

My mind went blank from all the tension.
There was no room for rational thoughts.

Okay, I’m putting it in!

I pushed my waist forward enthusiastically.

Zuchiyu…… Zururi.

Even though I pushed so enthusiastically, the tightness I expected on my glans didn’t come.
My aim was off and my thing bounced off track.


I stopped my movements in confusion.

Even though in AVs they insert it so easily.

Th, this time surely──

I tried to insert it again in a hurry.

I caressed Claire’s secret place gently with one hand and confirmed the position of the hole with one finger.
My depressed mood decreased slightly after finding out she’s still wet.

If I push the tip here──

“Everything’s okay.”

Claire smiled gently and healed my uneasiness.

She reaches out gracefully with her hand and grasps my penis.
Slender fingers wrapped around my fishing rod.

With that alone the impatience in me mysteriously disappears and the presence of mind returns.

“Let’s do it…… together? I will assist you.”

Claire admirably proposed.

“Thank you, Claire. Then, together……”

I join forces with Claire and we take the aim together.
There was a burning sensation on my tip which was hitting the wet secret hole.

Target located, I think.

“Here I go, Claire.”

“Yes, come in……”

Claire nodded lightly and I pushed my waist decisively.

Zu…… buuuu……!

This time, I felt my glans pushing aside the hot labia.
The vanguard is under the attack of hotness and sticky liquid.

“Ku, oo……!”

I let out a short moan.

The hotness I feel is totally different from the time I inserted my fingers.

Moreover, my penis is being crushed under the tightness.
The flesh of her vagina surrounds my symbol from all sides.

The pressure that is pressing against my glans is so pleasant.

Is it because Claire is a virgin?
Or are all girls this tight?

“U…… aa….. feels, good…… n……!”

My meat stick becomes numb from the sweet pressure and fascination, my waist trembles and I pant for breath.

What is this, the inside is so tight, so intense and so slippery──
I feel absurdly good just from inserting the tip.

“Fua, aa……”

Claire closes her eyes and pants painfully.


“I, I’m fine, so…”

Claire slowly opens her eyes and looks at me.

Her blue eyes become wet with tears.
But the light reflecting in them is not from the pain, but affection.

I nodded at brave Claire and pushed my waist further.
Somehow, I felt like if I insert it further in one go, I can ease Claire’s burden a little.

Guchiyu, zubububuuuu.

The feeling of wetness surrounds my whole penis.
I felt the pleasure to the core my waist seemed to melt.

The further I advance, the bigger the pleasure.


Buchiyu, I felt like I was hitting something with my tip.

“A, kawaaa.”

At that moment, Claire groaned loudly.
She seemed to spit out all the air in her lungs.

At the same time, my other me arrived at the deepest part of Claire.
The feeling of hitting something I felt earlier, was probably the feeling of her hymen being torn.

“Are you alright, Claire?”

“P, please…… for a little while… don’t move…”

As expected, she’s in pain, she’s panting ‘haa haa’ loudly.
The expression of anguish and pleasure is extremely seductive.

She is like a totally different person from the strong-minded girl from a while ago──
Without a doubt, there is only a single “Girl” here.

And──the one who made Claire look like that, is me.

A sense of accomplishment and satisfaction sprung within me.

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