Chapter 14

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First Experience with Female Knight ・ Part 5※
I didn’t move for a while, I restrained my waist while having my dick buried inside of Claire.

Because my meat stick was under constant constriction of flesh walls, I was under a melting sensation.
Even though I haven’t moved my piston yet, it’s so comfortable I may ejaculate right away.

But I endured patiently.
I didn’t want to put a burden on Claire’s vagina which accepted a man for the first time.

I want to move.
I want to move and experience even more pleasure.

The male instincts boil inside me.

“N…… it seems, that it settled, a little.”

While panting ‘haa haa’, Claire said in a soft voice.
She nods to me with subtly wet eyes.

“It may be, possible to…… move……”

“Then, I will move slowly.”

I have begun moving my waist in a slow pace.
My penis moved around the slippery vagina.

“Ku, oo…… u, aaa….. u, uu……”

I experienced the friction between bodies for the first time in my life, it exceeded my imagination.
Not a metaphor, my penis really seemed to melt inside Claire.

“A…… fua, ku…… fuu!? A big thing, is moving…… inside, eh……!?”

Claire wiggled her nude body while raising a bewildered voice.

That wiggling matches with my waist movement.
The internal pressure is strongly increasing against my meat rod.

“Uu, u…… so tight, kuwaa……!”

The pleasant pressure made me feel comfortable to the core, I could not help but moan in joy unintentionally.

After two, three pelvic thrusts, Claire doesn’t show pained expression anymore.
On the contrary, whenever I put it in and out, she releases a small comfortable pant.

It seems it would be alright to move a little faster.

As I came to that judgment, I couldn’t help but ask.

“Is it okay, to move faster?”

“Yes, come…… e…… waa, an.”

I look at nodding Claire and raise the pace of my thrusting.

Zuchiyu, guchiyu…… pan, pan……!

Sticky sounds and noises of flesh colliding played an indecent harmony around the room.

“Kua, again…… uu, inside, tightens…… wa, guu…… uoo……!”

As I’m absorbed in moving my waist, I pour consecutive strokes against Claire’s deepest parts.

In the beginning, I was worried that my penis would slip out of Claire’s vagina, but because I found I good angle I continued to move my waist awkwardly.

I’m getting used to it with every thrust.
I got the hang of it little by little.

Gatsu, gatsu, my glans intoxicatedly rubs in deep parts of the vagina.
My hard penis is being massaged by the vagina’s tightness, sending intoxicating sensation through the spine towards the brain.

It felt good when I inserted it, but I’ve been feeling even better after the piston started moving.
The slimy liquid climbs all over the meat stick, it’s making me feel weak in knees.

In addition, whenever I pull out and back in, the tightness that pressures my glans and my rod comes and goes.
The exquisite pressure sends sweet numbness through my whole cock.

“Waa, waa…… a, n…… fuwa, aaa……”

With most of the agony disappeared, Claire relaxed her eyebrows and panted comfortably.
Her face is way too erotic.

I bring down my upper body, I draw closer to her face and press my lips against hers.

“N……!? Chuu…… mu, u.”

At that moment, Claire opened her eyes in a surprise but quickly returned the kiss.

“Chiyu, uu…… reroo……”

We were engrossed in kissing.
Furthermore, we entwine our tongues and sip each other’s saliva.

This was my first kiss.
I’m sure it was the same for Claire.
The first kiss being later than the first experience, what a weird story.
I was drunk with Claire’s soft lips.

While being engrossed with my childhood friend’s lips, I further accelerated the piston’s speed.

“Fugu, u……!? N, gwu…… afu, uu…… an, fuaa……!”

When I push my waist deeply, Claire’s body reflexively wiggles.
When our lips separate, I breathe hard through my mouth covered in sweet saliva.

“……! Ku, waa….. mo, more…… more…… uaa….. good……!”

While breathing hard, Claire’s secret hole mysteriously squeezed my thing hard.
The small tight vagina gets even tighter and intense pressure sweetly simulates my whole penis.

The slender well-proportioned naked body bends and abundant breasts bounce up and down.
I can hardly contain myself after witnessing such an erotic spectacle.

I began the last spurt.

Guchiyu, guchiyu, bodily fluids are splashing from the place we are connected.
A raw scent of sex covers the whole room, it drove my excitement even more.

Right now, I’m having bareback sex, my excitement reaches the top.

“U, u…… Ooooooo……!”

I cried.
I cried out while concentrating on my piston.

Something similar to lightning runs from my waist through the spine, my lower part of the body goes numb.
Mou, it won’t be strange to ejaculate at any time.

“Uu, kuu,…… au, kuuuu…… so, so good……!”

I thrust my waist vigorously while being intoxicated with the feeling of a vagina.

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