Chapter 15

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First Experience with Female Knight ・ Part 6※
Guchiyu, zuchiyu, zuchiyuchiyu…… panpan pan……!

I accelerated the piston movements and the friction on my dick became stronger.

“Kuu, fua…… uu, so good…… Clair, e……!”

A sense of ejaculation crept along my waist, making me melt in pleasure.

“Me, too…… somehow, that place…… feels, weird…… fuaa…… an……”

In order to meet the attack of my piston, Claire raised her hips up.

The bond of our genitals deepened and we rubbed against each other.
Guchiyu guchiyu, our hoarse voices resounded around the room.

“Afu, uu…… n, harder…… Abel, u….. afu, yes……!”

It seems that the pleasure is only rising since she lost her virginity a while ago.

I look down at Claire, my passion rises with no end.
I lean my upper body forward and raise the thrusting speed to the maximum.

My penis which was swallowed by the tight vagina began irregularly pulsing.

I’m already at my limit.
From the tip of the glans, the precum began leaking endlessly.
Possibly, the semen may be already mixed in.

Penis, my waist, buttocks even my toes──are going numb from feeling good.
Mou, I will be cumming at any time now.

“U, kuu…… It’s, coming.”

When I groaned, although it too late now, I noticed that we hadn’t used any contraceptive.

In the first place, I don’t even know what contraceptives are used in this world.
I don’t know if there’s something like a condom.

In any case, it would be bad to come inside just like that.
While being absorbed in doing the deed my reasoning left without a trace. Would it be better to come outside?

“Claire, I’m already──”

“It’s fine, just like that……”

Claire looks up at me with wet eyes.

“Waa, aa….. with Abel, until, the end……”

She nods at me with entranced expression.

“But, inside──”

“Wa, first time, I want to go…… until the end…. n, fua…… I want to feel all of you……”

She says with a melting expression, I’m doubting whether she’s acting with reason.
However, I felt a strong will in her voice.

“Come….. inside, me…… aa, wau…… an…… come, e……!”

With those words, all my reason left me.
I grasp her narrow waist with both hands and attack her with consecutive strokes.

“Ooo, I’m cumming, Claire……!”

I roar loudly and thrust my penis deeply.
After burying my penis up the root, I discharged all my desires.

Doku, dokudoku! Dobiyuruuuuuu! Zubiyuuu!

My dick throbs violently and an amazing quantity of semen gush out.

The sense of freedom similar to one from the fellatio a while ago, my vision becomes white.
Furthermore, coupled with the thought that I’m releasing it while raw, my lower part of the body completely melts.

“Fuaaaa…… aa…… a, dzuu!? Kyaaaaa…… inside, it’s coming…… uuu……!”

Claire who’s vagina was flooded with the massive ejaculation screams lovely.
Her flexible body trembles.

The penis which was buried deep inside was still releasing the semen.
My semen continued to surge out of me, perhaps completely emptying my testicles, the small vagina is now overflowing.

“Gu, uuuu, still, coming…… kuoooo……!”

After many waves, I finished dying Claire’s vagina with semen.
Connected to Claire’s deepest place, the euphoria of the accomplishment slowly disappears.

The mental sufficiency mixed with physical comfortableness, I couldn’t experience something like that by masturbating.
Feeling refreshed, my mind went blank for a while, while still pouring my desires to the last drop.

“Haa, haa…… that felt so good.”

After indulging myself in the comfortable sensation of ejaculating, I slowly pulled out my penis.
Zuchiyu, with a wet sound, I completely pulled my dick out of the tight hole.


With the penis being removed, Claire raised a voice that seemed sad and leaned her body back.

“Is it, over……? Abel, inside me…… was being comfortable…… fuu……”

The two pieces of labia that were closed tightly when she was a virgin, were now open like a mouth that was slowly closing.
A red slimy liquid was clinging on the inner part of that mouth.

It slowly dripped off from the part that was not closed yet.
The sperm flowing from the mouth was dyed pink.

It mixed with Claire’s blood.

“To give my first time to Abel……”

Claire subtly smiled while staring at me.

That reminds me, what does she think of me?
How did she feel about Abel before I woke up──

“I always thought of you as my little brother. Slightly timid, easy to bully…… But, today was different.”

The blue eyes that were staring at me became wet.

“You summoned the courage to save me and Aunty. You must have been really scared, right? You were shivering. Still, you confronted that magician head-on.”

Claire let out a painful sigh and continued.

“Being watched by such you, it made my heart throb──Ah, Abel is also a man. He’s different from 7 years ago.”

For a moment, Claire had a distant look.

I wonder if she’s recalling me from 7 years.
Me who is not me, a totally different Abel.

“Therefore, I──”

When she attempted to say something, her face became red.

“An, anyhow, don’t regret it now. I wanted to convey my feelings of gratitude. So I undertook this duty.”

She became shy and started talking rapidly, in the end, my childhood friend, the female knight looked the other way.

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