Chapter 16

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Setting Off
Before I noticed, it was already morning.

I was wrapped in comfortable feelings after my first time with Claire and it seems that I have fallen asleep.

Claire wasn’t beside me on the bed.

“Did she went ahead……?”

I raised my body from the bed and put clothes on.

The area around my waist feel strangely refreshed.
I still feel weird around my abdomen after remembering yesterday’s ejaculation.

“I, I’m not a virgin anymore……”

I went out of the detached room while feeling amazing.


The dazzling morning sun is refreshing.

First of all, I will return home and set out on a journey.
While I’m passing by the square, someone walks before me.

“Go, good morning, Abel.”

A slim tall figure with crimson hair in ponytail──Claire.

Facing yesterday’s sex partner is embarrassing.
A bittersweet itching crept on my back.

I wonder if Claire feels the same?
Her gaze couldn’t settle down and she looks all around the surroundings.

“Umm, I returned first, so, sorry.”

Different from her normal briskly attitude, she apologized with a flustered tone.

“Because I’ve wake up earlier, I returned home first. I thought you may wake up anytime soon so I went there──But you were already up.”

“No, I just woke up a little while ago.”

“I, is that so……”

Claire nods and diverts her red face again.

She was stealing little glances at me.

A silence came between us just like that.

So awkward.
Something suitable to talk about…… I get impatient.

“Whi, which reminds me, are you in pain? It was your…… first time, right?”

“I feel like you are… still inside, but it doesn’t hurt. I’m okay.”

While saying that, Claire’s face suddenly turned away again.

“…… Thank you for your concern.”

“You keep averting your gaze since a while ago.”

I blurted it out.

“I, I’m embarrassed there’s no helping it.”

Claire’s face reddened up to her ears.

“Because we did such an embarrassing thing yesterday……”

“Yeah, honestly, I too am embarrassed.”

When I expressed my true feelings, Claire finally looked at me and let out a smile.

What is this sense of distance, I wonder?
We are not a pair of lovers, but I feel more close to her than ever──this distance is awfully comfortable.

The silence came again, but it was not awkward this time.
Such a quiet atmosphere is rather nice.

In a few minutes, Claire broke the silence.

“By the way──I want to talk you a little, is it okay?”

Her face which was bashful until now suddenly became serious.

“Is it important?”

“Cou, could it be a love confession!?”

I leaned forward unintentionally.

“W, w, wrong…… it, it’s not the time…… fo, for that…… yet……”

Claire waved both her hands in panic.

As expected, there was no such rapid development.
But “yet” means, that sometimes with Claire──

“Me, joining the Royal Order?”

I was home, in my room with Claire.

──When we returned together, Mother was grinning at us.

“Please, take your time.”

She said and went to the kitchen by herself.

Is she aware, that we had sex because of the village law?

When I think about it, I feel cold around my spine, I feel the discomfort and can’t settle down.


I hear Mother’s humming from the other side of the door.

“Ever since the old days, I thought that Claire was the most suitable to be Abel’s bride~”

Is this supposed to be a monologue or are you talking so loud deliberately?

“E, errr what did you want to talk about?”

I cleared my throat and asked Claire.

“I want you to join the Royal Knight Order.”

──Well, there is the opening line.

“No, I have no physical strength, so becoming a knight is impossible for me.”

“Even though I saw enter the Knight Order, I don’t mean become a knight. I want you to lend your magician powers to the order.”

Claire explained.

What is it what, the speech doesn’t tell me much.

“Then, I will explain in detail. This country wasn’t in a war for a long time, but you know that we had a skirmish with the Magic Empire approximately half a year ago, right?”

“…… No, I don’t.”

I was ignorant of such things.
This world doesn’t have a TV after all.

“To put it simply, a war will start between the Magic Empire and the Aisha Kingdom soon.”

“W, war!?”

I raise my voice unintentionally.
Which reminds me, the magician yesterday said something about invading the Aisha Kingdom……

As someone who worked on the farm, I paid 0 attention to such things.

In the first place, I know about wars only from news and pictures.
Because I was raised in a peaceful Japan.

“Thus, a special unit of Royal Knights was established to fight against the Empire’s magicians. The order enlists the elites of mercenaries, priests, knights, and magicians.”

Claire continues to explain.

“It would be too difficult for knights to fight against the magicians alone. We need the cooperation of magicians and priests no matter what.”

“…… You want me to join that unit?”

“Abel is a rare magician. In addition, you are that strong. You would surely become a big help to the Kingdom.”

Claire talks earnestly.

“A selective examination is held near the Capital. If you pass that examination, you will become a member of the special force.”

“Special force……”

“A special force established by Her Majesty the Queen. Therefore, military exploits will be rewarded with rewards to your heart’s content.”

Is that a chance for great success in life?

Not the life of a farmer in the remote village, but possibly as a man of influence?

From ordinary previous life to extraordinary reincarnation.
From an ordinary high school student to a special person that can choose──

After I noticed my talent in magic, the passionate feelings that I had.

Day after day, year after year──doing nothing but farming, living commonly and before I noticed I forgot about those feelings.
I now remember clearly.
Save the kingdom from the invasion, become a hero──the childish fantasy that I once held, can turn in reality.

Of course with war, comes danger.
But, yesterday’s battle was an easy victory.

The level was different not──even close.
I realized the difference in our levels was in totally different dimensions.

There will be definitely a stronger guy in the Empire than the one from yesterday.
But, I have the confidence that I can do anything with my abilities.

Okay, I’ve decided.
I will enter the Special force.

“I will go, together with you.”

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