Chapter 17

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Rashuka City
Rashuka City──

We arrived in the commercial city next to the Capital city Gloria.

In order to join a magician unit of the Knights Order “Attacking Mage Corps Slayer” I first need to pass the selection exams.
The exams are held once a week and are held in this Rashuka City.

──When I told Mother that I want to take the exams to join the “Attacking Mage Corp Slayer”, she unexpectedly agreed easily.

“Bring me a souvenir when you return. Ah, that popular『I visited Gloria bread』is supposedly very delicious……”

What the hell is that? Is that supposed to be a present you buy in hot springs?
Even though it’s fine to be a little more worried about me……

Ah, it’s still better than being opposed.

Like that, I and Claire arrived in Rashuka city.

By the way, we traveled with my flight magic.
Rashuka is about 100km away from the village, but we have arrived in about 30 minutes.

My flying speed can easily exceed 200km/h. Claire who experienced flight magic for the first time stared at me with amazement.

“What a huge crowd……”

After seeing the huge amount of people gathered on the main street, I sighed.
The number of people here is on a totally different scale from what I’m used to from the village.

In the first place, since I’ve reincarnated in this world, this is the first time I’ve left my hometown.

Of course, the crowd can’t compare to one from Japan.
For someone who became used to the tranquil atmosphere of the village, I feel overwhelmed.

“This is the examination hall.”

Claire brought me to a huge building in the center of the city.
Apparently, it’s usually used as the Chamber of Commence.

“Because of my connections with the Knights Order I have taken care of the small things.”

Oh, that helps.

“However, my position must remain neutral. I will help you with the procedure and such things but I can’t help you with the exam itself. I’m sorry..”

“No, that’s a matter of course, I’m grateful for your help.”

I thanked Claire and inquired.

“And, what is this exam?”

“Practical skills and interview. Practical skills is a simulation battle between examinees, the interview will be conducted by Order’s management.”

“Leaving Practical skills aside, the interview is making me nervous……”

“Is it not normally vice versa?”

“Is that so? It’s an interview, interview. Things like…… when your words are echoing the pressure increases or…”

Although the only interview I ever experienced was when I was taking the high school exam.
Because I have no memory of a college entrance interview, I probably died before that.

──Instead of the waiting a room, we entered a large hall.

“Wow, so many people……”

Most likely, around 300 people are here.

Most of them were men in leather and metal armors.
The masculine men look like typical ruffians.

“I see, most applicants are Mercenaries. Because the average wage of『Attacking Mage Corps Slayer』is tenfold to thirtyfold times higher than average. There are a lot of people who wants to get rich quick.”

Claire explained with a sigh.

“This place is flooded with hundreds of applicants every time an examination takes a place.”

Well, the men who dream of a successful life, exist in every part of the world.

“…… I’m the same though.”


“Nothing, I just said that I must work hard──N?”

I noticed a single girl in the middle of the crowd of mercenaries.

This girl has gentle features, unsuitable for this place.
A fluffy wavy golden hair extended to her back.
Her small figure was covered in white robes with gold embroidery.

And above all else the thing that needs to be mentioned, her chest.

Her chest is sticking out like a rocket, her huge breasts can be seen even through the thick robe.
Is she the so-called glamour girl I wonder?

Oppai, oppai! I shout in my head unconsciously.

“Seems like the priestess of Almeris.”

Said Claire.
Almeris──One of the most worshipped Gods, the Goddess of harvest and earth.
By the way, almost every farmer’s family prays to Almeris, my parents too.

“So it’s not only rough guys, a cute girl like her is also here.”

“…… So this is the type that Abel prefers?”


“I mean, didn’t you say she’s cute?”

Claire glared at me suspiciously.

N, has she become moody?

“…… It’s nothing.”

Claire turned away in a huff.

“Hehehe. Aren’t you quite cute Ojouchan.”

“Your boobs are huge. Probably even bigger than melons. Kukuku.”

A group of ruffians called out to her.
Five people surrounded her, she can’t escape.

“Such a dangerous job, we will teach you how to earn money more easily.”

“Ou, I know that business very well. Shall I introduce you?”

“Hehee, with boobs so huge, just how much you could earn──”

He definitely means sex service right?

It’s a prostitute or something like that, isn’t it?

A vulgar smiles float on the men’s faces, the other applicants are pretending not to see.

“How about it, Ojouchan?”

The men fully loaded with ulterior motive drew closer to the girl.
There are even some who are drooling.

“Umm…… I didn’t really come here to make money~”

The girl replied with a bashful smile.

“Don’t be so heartless, Neechan.”

The man wants to quarrel.

“I’m not your older sister~”

“I didn’t mean Neechan that way!”

“Ah, did you mean it as a ‘Play’ by any chance? I have heard from Natasha that there are some people with older sister fetish……”

“I don’t have older sister fetish!”

“Rather, speaking with her is troublesome, let’s take her by force──”

One of the rowdy men got who got irritated by her my pace attitude shouted.
But instead of grabbing her robe,


His movements suddenly stopped.

──Good grief, I can’t watch any longer.
I’m quite meddlesome If I say myself.

“Wh, what is, this……!?”

The man’s arm reached to the opposite direction of the priestess.
Against that fellows will.

“What’s wrong, Gates?”

“I, I don’t knooow…… arm, my arm is moving on its own……!?”

The man called Gates is completely in a panic state.

“…… Abel, you.”

Claire looked at me.
Indeed, she’s sharp.

This is my invisible tentacle magic I named Tentacle Mist.

As the name suggests, I can change objects such as tentacles invisible.

Gaizas certainly used similar magic.
But unlike his tentacles, my tentacles are transparent, nobody can perceive it.

In other words, I can do as I please!
If I feel like it, I can fool around with girls as much as I like!

…… No, I won’t use them for bad things?
I have never used them to fool around with the village girls? It’s the truth!

In any case──

Thanks to the practice, I have developed some delicate control.

Alright, let’s cause a little mischief──
I grinned and further manipulated the tentacles.

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