Chapter 18

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Female Priest Racine
“U, ooo……!?”

When Gates backs off from the priest girl, he faces a man behind him.
And extends his arm towards the guy’s crotch.

“I can’t stop…… W, what is happening, my body……!?”


Gates grabbed that man’s groin with all his heart.
Guni, guni, he massaged the man’s thing many times with dubious finger technique.

It’s punishment for being obstinate towards a girl.


Having his crotch massaged, the man’s face quickly dyed red.

Whoa, he’s getting angry.
Having his groin massaged by a complete stranger in front of a large crowd, the man was utterly humiliated.

“W, wrong…… this is misunderstanding……”

Gates groaned in panic.

After all, the man before Gates is one size larger than himself.
If they fight, he probably has no chance of winning.

But contrary to his words, Gates continues massaging the man’s groin.
I can manipulate him with the magic tentacle, regardless of his own will.

The man’s face turns even redder in anger.
The man brandishes his rough arm towards Gates ──

“I see, so you are a homo!”

The man suddenly raises his voice in delight.

Eh, huh……!?
Gates wasn’t the only one dumbfounded at the sudden development, I’m puzzled myself.

“W, wrong, I……”

“Let’s change the place, heehee.”

The man puts his arm over Gates’ shoulders and embraced him tightly.

“Here, don’t resist……”

“Hiii, save me……”

The man grabs Gates by the nape of his neck and drags him off somewhere.

Of course, Gates’ companions and other applicants are seeing them off dumbfounded.

I’m completely dumbfounded too.
For such development to happen.


Soon, an audible scream could be heard from the next room.

…… Only gods know if new tastes awakened in Gates.

“…… To think that Gates had such tastes.”

“…… It would be better not to associate with him anymore.”

The spirit in the rowdy people diminishes and they leave the girl.

“My, oh my, so that was your preference~”

Even now, the girl is a misunderstanding.

“It wasn’t an Older Sister fetish, but boy’s love instead.”

This world has BL too……?

“You, it’s better to be more careful.”

Claire approached the girl.

“Yes? Careful?”

“What they mean by the introduction was clearly a sexual business.”

“W, was that the case!?”

It seems that Claire’s words wholeheartedly surprised her.
She didn’t understand after all. Natural airhead……

“You are a girl, it would be better if you were more cautious.”

Claire advises.

“Ehehe, I will be careful.”

The female priest bobbed her head.

“Ah, I’m called Racine.”

“I’m Claire. This is Abel.”

“Claire-sama and Abel-sama…… desu ne. So you were the one who did the deed earlier desu ne.”

Racine looked at me and smiled.
A glittering light appeared in her eyes for a moment.


“I mean, you used your magic to bind that man’s hand and twisted it…… like that.”

This child can sense my magic!?
Moreover, with my tentacle under the invisibility spell……?

No one at this place was supposed to see my magic tentacle.

“You see, priests excel at magic perception desu yo~”

Racine stuck out her chest with ‘ehen!’

Her big chest shakes like jelly.
At a closer look, they are really huge……!

Without thinking, my eyes were glued at her chest.

Claire has big breasts too, but Racine’s must be larger than hers.

It’s understandable why the men called out to her.
I can’t get enough of this gap between her neat face and huge breasts.

“…… Abel, your eyes turned lewd.”

Claire stared at me.

“N, no they didn’t.”

“Lies. You stared hard at Racine-san’s chest.”

Ugh, scary.

“My, my, being jealous, how cute desu ne.”

“W, who is jealous!”

Claire protested with a red face.

“T, this guy is just a childhood friend. Don’t misunderstand.”

“Being shy is also cute desu. This is called a tsundere desu yone. I’ve heard that from Natasha.”

This world also has the expression for tsundere……?

“…… That reminds me, weren’t priests of Almeris prohibited from entering the war?.”

Claire who pulled herself together inquires.

“Yes, the goddess of harvest administrates peace…… The doctrine forbids fighting. But it does not deny one from protecting oneself.”

Racine talked with a stiffened face.
She had a dignified expression that does not lose to Claire’s.

“There are many people who think that religious organizations are absolutely prohibited from fighting, but I’ve decided to volunteer here in order to protect as many people as possible.”

She talks with passion and sparkling eyes.
It seems that the motivation of this girl differs from the guys that want to succeed in life.

“Both of you are applicants desu yone. Let’s work hard so all three of us can pass~”

“Abel is an applicant, I’m just escorting him. I will pray for you two to pass.”

Claire smiles.

“Well then, Abel-sama. Once again──Please treat me well. Let’s do our best.”

Racine presents me with her right hand.

I grasped her hand.
So soft and small, my heart started beating fast unintentionally.

“…… Abel, you are daydreaming.”

Could you stop with the emotionless voice from behind, Clare!? Way too scary!

“You are a tsundere after all desu ne. BL and tsundere…… I will have a good story to tell to Natasha.”

Racine grinned in delight.

After an hour of harmonious conversation──
The examination finally began.

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