Chapter 19

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Practical Skill Examination
In the practical skill exam, applicants fight against each other in mock battle.

In one day I have to fight against 8 other applicants, the examiner judges the outcome of the battle and marks the score.
Opposite of tomorrow’s interview, only those with high scores will pass.

However, the criteria to pass seems to be fairly strict.

This examination is held once a week several times, out of thousands of applicants only 17 passed.
The chance to pass is very small.

But conversely, those who pass are elites with a highway to success before them.
Anyway, I just have to win no matter who my opponent is.

“Y, you are!”

The arena where the mock battle is held──A stone circle ring installed in the courtyard of the building──A man raises his voice.

N, I recognize this guy.

“Gay…… If I’m not mistaken?”

It’s the man who quarreled with Racine.

“Ga, I’m not a Gay!”

The man retorted immediately.

Iya, don’t get so excited.
Huh? This fellow’s name, it isn’t Gay?

“It’s Gates. Don’t purposely mistake it!”

While saying that, Gates put his hands on his bottom restlessly.

…… It happened after all.
While deep in thoughts.

“Kukuku, let me tell you, amongst my mercenary colleagues I’m considered quite skilled. I’m known as Manslayer of 37 Gates.”

“Manslayer of 37 strangely half-baked number isn’t it?”

“…… Would it be better to change it to Manslayer of 40 after all?”

“No, you can’t just change that?”

“Bluffs are important to mercenaries you know!”

Haa, so that was the case.

“Anyway! Magician can’t be considered an enemy in front of me who possess herculean strength! Magic Empire or whatever, my sword will cut down anyone──Just like this!”

Gates suddenly swung the ax he carried on his back.


With the sound resembling explosion, the stone floor breaks and scatters.
A bomb-like blow.

“Ohh, amazing……”

I admired unconsciously.
Looks like the title Manslayer of 37 isn’t just for show.

“I thought you were just a simple Gay, but you possess an unbelievable strength.”

“I already told you that I’m not gay!”

Gates argues with tears in his eyes.

“Next──You head will be split like this.”

Gates laughed fearlessly as he already won.

I wonder if that is one of his signature phrases before he declares the win.
But, when I remember his earlier disgraceful behavior, I mean……

“Don’t just meaninglessly destroy the ring.”

I pointed my finger at the part of the ring that broke.

The scattered debris rose up gently.
The scene looked like a video on a reverse, the broken parts of the floor attached to each other and the floor returned to its original state.


Gates raises his voice in surprise.

This was magic that puts items back together──Material Restoration magic.
I may not be able to repair it when the damage is too severe, but I can easily put it back together if it’s simply broken to pieces.

“You can use magic……”
Gates glared at me and with startled face,

“! By any chance, the one who moved my body earlier──”

Ah, I’m exposed.

“I won’t forgive you…… Because of you…… That man did this and that to me……”

I don’t want to imagine two muscular guys doing it……

“Then, begin!”

At the examiner’s signal, the match began.

There are five arenas in the courtyard, all matches started at the same time.
Surroundings became filled with war cries of contestants and cheers of the audience.

“Kukuku, after I knock you down I will bring you to that man. I will let you taste the same disgrace until I’m satisfied.”

Gates whose body trembled raised his ax.

“Oh, please spare me of that.”

I hold my buttocks unconsciously.
Because I don’t have such a hobby.

“If magician doesn’t have the time to complete a chant, he is nothing special!”

Gates rushed at me while roaring.
When a 190cm man charges at you with heavy footsteps, it puts quite a pressure on you.

“No time to complete a chant…… huh.”

He is certainly not wrong.

The physical strength of magicians is not different from an ordinary human.
Once you are attacked before completing a chant, it’s over.


Gates jumped towards me swung his ax at my chest.
Gakin, a hard sound resounded.

“Eh……!? Huh……?”

Gates’ ax stopped right before my eyes.
As if it hit an invisible wall.

“If I don’t have the time to complete a chant──What again?”

“Y, you, when did you……!?”

Gates stared at me with an absentminded face.

“If a magician doesn’t complete a lengthy chant, shouldn’t he be unable to use magic……?”

“Normally yes. However, one can use chantless magic for magic with weaker strength and efficiency.”

I explain.

“What it means is that I don’t need to chant a defense spell for an attack of such degree.”

“Y, you!”

Gates strikes with his great ax at me again.
But that attack only hits the invisible energy field around me.

“Zeizei…… Haahaa……”

Approximately ten minutes passed.
As expected, Gates tired out himself and gasps for breath.

“Then, is it okay to be the attacking one now?”

I point my right arm towards the ground.


At the same time, a flash of light bursts out.
With chantless magic, I release a drill-shaped magic ball, that pierces through the arena’s floor down beneath the ground, leaving only a hole filled with darkness.

Fuu, I was enthusiastic and may have accidentally unleashed too much power.
If I shot it in the city, it would probably be completely erased.

“I can’t see to the bottom of this ho…… le, what the hell is this……!?”

Gates groaned in amazement at the power of the magic bullet.

“The next one will hit.”

I point my right arm towards Gates.
A light started glowing around my palm.

“Hi, hiii, I give up! I surrendeeeeeeeer!”

Gates goes down to his knees and screams in terror.

This, the first round was a disappointing victory.

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