Chapter 20

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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A Victory Celebration Toast of Two Excited People
“Winner, Abel!”

The examiner declares loudly.

Alright, good start.
I left the ring satisfied.

I have to fight in seven more matches.
I need to completely dominate them and obtain a high score.


The beating of my heart suddenly increased.

“…… What?”

My chest awfully aches.
And my body feels subtle discomfort.

My limbs grow weak and my consciousness becomes thin……
However, that lasted only for a moment.

“Was I unconsciously tense and the fatigue hit me……?”

While questioning my state, I go to the waiting room until the next battle.

–afterward, I battled seven more times until the sunset.

As soon as the battle started, I kept firing my high output magic just like in the match against Gates.
I one of the matches the floor became full of holes made by hundreds of Ice Spears and in the next one, I fired a huge Fire Missile towards the sky and split it open.
Of course, I paid attention in order to avoid unnecessary damage to the surroundings.

Using flashy magic will certainly leave a great impression, I acted with such thoughts.

Thanks to that, all opponents got scared and surrendered a few seconds after the match started.
I finished my eight matches undefeated and passed with the best results.

“A magic of that extent, moreover chantless──It felt like watching Dorothea-sama.”
“Yes, that youth is something.”
“Just, who is he……?”

The examiners became noisy after my matches were over.

“Who the hell is he……!?”
“There’s no way I can win against something like that……”
“He must be a monster……!”

The other applicants in the waiting room were similarly looking at me.

Being the center of attention tickles my pride pleasantly.

I have exhausted plenty of my magic power, I’m feeling sluggish.
But this type of fatigue feels pleasant.

Now then, I will take it slowly and prepare for tomorrow.

“Tomorrow’s interview…”
To be honest, I’m more anxious about the interview than the practical exam.

I don’t have confidence in this world’s proper manners and courtesy.
Because it is a Knight’s Order, it will probably be very strict.

If I fail because my manners aren’t satisfactory, I won’t be able to hold my head high.
First of all, let’s ask Claire to teach me tonight.

“Congratulations on your total victory, Abel.”

“Thank you, Claire.”

That night, we toast in the room of our Inn.

For our two-day stay, we chose an Inn close to the Chamber of Commence.
We have our own room next to each other, but at the moment, we are celebrating my small victory in my room.

“You were wonderful today. All examiners were surprised.”

Claire grins sweetly.

In her opinion, the practical exam will end with me being at the top with an overwhelming score.
It should be a matter of course as I won all my matches in a few seconds.

“It was the first time I used such magic in front of people.”

I trained deep in mountains in secret after all.
To display my magic in public felt great, the feeling of freedom was comfortable.

“…… You were cool, Abel.”

Claire mutters with a bashful smile.


“No, it’s nothing. That…… I said, to do your best tomorrow too.”

Claire gets flustered and started speaking fast.

After a few cups of sake, Claire’s cheeks were dyed pink.
Surprised at her very sexy appearance, I exhale a deep breath.

The recollection of the first time I had with Claire just a few days ago played in my mind.

──Her bewitching white skin in the dusk.
──The beautiful rich chest, hips to kill for, narrow waist, young juicy butt like a peach, the nape of her neck which sweated subtly.
──I want to hold the naked body of such girl in my embrace, I want to push her down, I want to get inside her heart, the greed and my desires raged inside my heart.

“I something wrong, Abel?”

“N, no, it’s nothing.”

I shook my head blankly at Claire who stared at me in puzzlement.

Let’s leave the erotic delusions for later and focus on tomorrow.
Although the results of the practical exam were excellent, it’s still not decided that I will pass.

“I think you will pass if you don’t make a serious blunder in the interview.”

“Uu, that’s quite the pressure though.”

I’m thinking about what do I do if I make that “Serious blunder”.

“Don’t be anxious. It’s okay if you act normally like you always do.”

“I’m worried about that normally……”

I have awfully low experience of talking to other people since it’s just a few years since I live in this world.
What I think is normal, may not be normal for people of this world.

Dealing with the people of the small village may be still okay.
But, it’s different this time.
My humanity will be judged in front of the people I met for the first time.

…… Well, it’s pointless thinking about it though.

“Isn’t it okay? You don’t have to fuss over something like etiquette. It’s okay if you learn little by little after you enter the Knight’s Order.”

Claire gently holds my hand.
I was startled at the sudden sensation of a soft hand.

My cheeks flushed red.

No, not just my cheeks.
I feel that something hot swelled up around my abdomen──

“…… Abel?”

Before I became aware, Claire was stared at me intensively.
She looked all over me dubiously.

“Som, something, is wrong…… my body feels strangely…… hot……”

“Abel, this……”

Claire breathed in lightly.
I follow her line of sight and look at my lower body.


My shameful part blew out of my pants.

W, whoa what the hell is this!?
Since when do I have an erection……!

“You came to a city you know nothing about and fight against the tension──I wonder if it got you worked up to that extent?”

Claire mutters.

“It seems so painful, Abel……”

When I felt her hot eyes staring at my crotch, it swelled up even more.

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