Chapter 76

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Staff of Conquering the Devil
“Now way, this guy……!?”

I stand in a daze.
If this fellow is the powerful enemy in my dream.

──Could I really win──?

My whole body stiffens in tension.
Before I realize, the gravity sphere was already near.


Because I was in a daze my timing was delayed.
I was regretting.

“Blue Ice Wall, Wall Sapphire.”

But, Ashe-san activated defense magic at that moment.
The ice wall which formed in front of us clashed with the gravity sphere causing the sphere to disperse.

“…… Hou, that’s quite the magic power. The Magic Radar climbed up to 52,000.”

Numbers are visible on the surface of Dupree’s goggles.

Apparently, these goggles are a measuring device.

“Not as good as me, but it seems that there are first-class rate Magicians in Aisha, huh.”

Dupree laughs arrogantly.

“But, you won’t last long after all. Your attacks won’t work against my golems. My golems will keep on attacking you with their infinite magic power and stamina. Which has the advantage──You don’t have to even think about it, right?”

“Certainly, if the fight drags on it will be our defeat. Half-assed spells also won’t work──”

Ashe-san says and readies her staff.
The same staff I was shown on the way here.

“Ashe-san, together……”

“I will go first.”

I could see a heroic determination on Ashe-san’s face.

“We don’t know if the enemy is hiding something else. If we suddenly lose the trump card, I can’t say what could happen afterward.”

Isn’t she possibly trying to sacrifice herself in order to probe the enemy──
Ashe-san gently smiled at me who was looking at her worriedly.

“Believe in me, Abel-kun. I’m your captain after all──Lil-kun.”


Lil who holds the same staff as Ashe-san lines up with her.

“I’m pretty sure I said it’s useless? The golems’ armoring──”

“Half-assed magic won’t work, right? I’ve already heard it.”

Ashe-san says coldly to Dupree in the sky.

“Therefore, we will exterminate you with the most power magic──Staff of the Conquering Devil, Booster Rod. Unfold your wings of light, Excelion form!”

In response to Ashe-san’s chant, a small groove appears at the pointed end of the staff with a swooshing sound.
From that groove, a pale-pink, shining, wing-shaped energy shoots out.

The pointed end of the Staff of Conquering the Devil changes form into wings of light.
Lil next to Ashe-san set up his staff the same way.

The good-looking elf and the magic swordsman exchange looks and,

“Maximum Magic Amplification, Full Boost──”

The power of the staves activates.
The wings of light on the staves start spreading.

“This is……!”

Dupree opens his eyes wide under the orange goggles.

“The two’s magic is abruptly increasing……!? 125,000…… 180,000…… 259,000…… i, it’s still rising!”

Certainly, a terrific magic power.

The value of an ordinary magician is 10,000.
I’ve heard before that the magic power of each Assualt Mage Corps captain is between 30,000~50,000.

But, right now, Ashe-san’s and Lil’s magic power is several folds higher.
As the magic power continues increasing, the emitting aura envelops both Ashe-san and Lil.

“M, magic power──Over 400,000!? These fellows, just what they──”

Ashe-san and Lil thrust their staves towards the astonished Dupree at the same time.

“Fang of the Ice Dragon, Icicle Cannon!”

“Claw of the Wind Phoenix, Wind Cannon!”

Then──The two complete the chant.

A magic sphere modeled after an ice dragon and a magic sphere modeled after a Chinese phoenix.
The two magic spells coil around each other and crash into the army of Golems.

A thundering roar several times louder than before resounds.

The army of hundred Golems vanishes, leaving behind only scattered debris.
Their prideful armor didn’t stand a chance against the magic of that magnitude.

“I’m surprised. An amplifying magic tool…… I see, a staff that works on a similar principle to magic gem.”

A voice resounds from midair.

I see Dupree floating there carelessly when I look up.
It seems like he activated flight magic to prevent getting rolled up in the explosion.

“To think there would be a weapon that was not produced by our Empire. But──”

Dupree snaps his fingers.
Then, the debris scattered around the beach starts gathering in one place──

“Oioi, surely not……”

I groan party surprised and partly dumbfounded.

It was that surely not.

The gathered debris started forming golems again and the army was completely restored in an instant.
The Golems which were destroyed stood once again at the same place as before as if nothing has ever happened.

“That can’t be──!?”

Ashe-san groans in shock.

“Futile, futile, futile! These are not just a mere golems. They were specially made by me who was blessed by the Great Emperor with 41 magic gems!”

Dupree boasts with laughter.

“With a great defense that shutouts ordinary magic, even if the defense is temporarily broken, with my magic amplified by the magic stones, they will instantly regenerate──They are inviolable structures!”

A super-fast regeneration in addition to the high defense capability.
This is a nasty enemy.

“Which means, as long as you directly aim at me, the master of the golems, I would be in trouble, but──”

Dupree retreats through the sky while talking.
And stands in between the innumerable army of Golems.

“As long as I stay here, that weak point disappears.”

──Certainly, as long as we don’t break through the wall of a hundred Golems, we won’t be able to attack him directly.

An indomitable army with high defenses and immediate recovery when destroyed……

“Now, run wild! My first-rate army of Golems!”

The approaching golems on the sea’s surface enter an aggressive mode all at once.

Their mouths open and they spit flames and acid.
Their chest areas shine and they release light and heat rays.
They separate their arms and use them like rockets.

Even if we use interception magic, we will definitely suffer.
A sudden all-out attack──!

Interception is impossible, defending is the way to go…… is what I would like to say, but.

I won’t make it in time if I chanting a defensive spell at this range.
But, I don’t think I can prevent such an attack with chantless magic.

“It’s your end, kingdom knights!”

“I won’t let you──”

My chest becomes hot.

After spending time with Claire and Racine the other day, I made a resolution.
The resolution to protect the citizens of the kingdom.

I can feel the burning blaze in my chest.
I develop a chantless incantation with a burning heart.

“Shield of Protection, Aegis Sphere!”

I enlarge the effect range to the maximum and cover every soldier with the barrier.
Normally, I wouldn’t be able to create a spell of such degree without a chant──

Immediately after that, a terrific sound of explosion resounds.

“Gu…… uu……!”

As expected, an attack of hundred Golems contains terrible pressure.
The expanded magic fields flicker as if screaming.

I send all my magic power towards the defensive spells in order to maintain the field up.
The magic power in my body is getting completely──No, I feel like my life force itself is being drained away.

After what felt like eternity──

“…… Impossible.”

Dupree groans in shock.

“You have defended against that with a chantless magic!?”

“Don’t get…… so unreasonable so abruptly……”

I scowl at Dupree in the middle of the Golems while gasping for breath.
Indeed, that drained me off.

If I didn’t undergo the sex ritual with Claire and Racine the other day, I probably wouldn’t have enough magic power to hold it off.

But, I can’t get exhausted here.
No matter how strong the opponent is, I have to fight.

I will defeat them and protect everyone.

I’m most likely the only one here who can do that.
Even if the opponent is strong as in the dream.

I will win──

I thought in order to persuade myself.

Unlike the city, there won’t be much damage even if I use my strongest spells.
Therefore, I’m overflowing with fighting spirit.

“I will show you──the extent of my magic!”

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