Chapter 6

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Village in Crisis
It was still midnight when I went out
When I and Claire rushed to the village square, a crowd was already formed.

“I’m the envoy of the glorious Magic Empire! Rank 6=5 Adeptus Major Gaizas dearu!”

At the center of the square, the magician declared in a serious voice.

His body wrapped in a black robe, a man in his forties.
A sharp hooked nose and raised lips give an impression of haughtiness.

“This village is awe-inspiring. His Imperial Majesty claims this land! Be grateful and give up your land, livestock and everything else.”

“C, claims the land……?”

“His Majesty announced that this place will become the foothold in the invasion of Aisha Kingdom」

Gaizas answers the surprised village mayor calmly.
By the way, Aisha Kingdom is the name of this country.

“Now, stop hesitating and surrender. We will also ’employ’ young men as slaves and young women as sex slaves.”

It was a unilateral and unreasonable demand.

“If you disobey──I will use force, what will you do?”


The youths standing behind the mayor are on guard, remaining silent.

For the thunder of Magic Empire to arrive at such a remote village.
In this world magicians rare, magician is an absolute powerhouse.
The neighboring countries are afraid of such a kingdom that can employ so many magicians.

──That’s what I extracted from Abel’s memory.

This is the first time I actually got to see a magician of the empire.

What to say…… I got the ‘typical villainous magician’ feeling from him.
At least I wouldn’t want to be friends.

“It’s best if you listen to my advice──Summon.”

With Gaizas’ chant, a huge magic circle appeared behind him.

Zuzuzu…… Approximately twenty shadows protruded from the magic circle.
The height of about two meters.
A demi-human with a soft, flabby body and pig head──An Orc.

This fellow, he used summoning magic.
This is my first time seeing a demi-human, I stepped back instinctively.

“Magic Emperor──I heard that he will first attack a village to make it in his foothold, but to come to this village.”

Claire groaned.

“But I won’t hand you over this village.”

She declares and steps forward.

Oo, you are so cool, Claire!

“You are……”

Gaizas frowns after seeing her.
To be exact, he frowns after seeing the Phoenix crest on Claire’s armor.

“Royal Knight, huh. To be dispatched to a border.”

“Just visiting my home.”

The sword that was drawn from her waist reflected the moonlight and glittered.

“I didn’t come here because of an order.”

“I see. This is the so-called Hometown of yours.”

“Therefore, I will definitely protect it.”

Claire held up her sword.

“See the fighting spirit of the twenty Orcs before you.”

Gaizas said with a composed expression.

“No matter how strong the opponent is, I will protect what I want to protect with my life on the line. I will fight head-on and destroy you──that’s my chivalry.”

“Foolish. Do it.”

Gaizas snaps his fingers.


The Orcs roared all at once.
Ugly pig-faced demi-humans rushed at Claire altogether.

“Dragon’s Raging Fire Sword Flow──”

In a moment, Claire’s body sank.
Her whole body bent to the utmost limit, she kicks the ground and sprints.


If I looked away for a second, I wouldn’t be able to follow her movements.

“Instant Emperor Killing!”

She draws the sword and cuts the Orc in half.

Terrific ultra-fast sword skill.

However, there still 19 more Orcs remaining.
They rush towards Claire who is defenseless after the attack immediately,


The wind is cut as the Orc swings its club.


She forcefully twists her body and avoids the attack by rolling to the side.
Certainly a narrow escape.

Claire is certainly strong, but there are too many opponents.
All right, this is where I use magic to back her up.

“I will show you the result of my training……!”

…… Is what I thought, but my body quivers and doesn’t move.

“Wh, what is, this……!?”

I’m puzzled by my reaction.

Death after death is happening before my eyes.
An actual fight to the death.


It’s totally different from my secret training.

I’ve never experienced a battle to the death situation, I have no fighting experience.

A fierce battle unfolds between Claire and the Orcs right before my eyes.

Get a grip, me……!

I scold myself and empty the worries in my heart──

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