Chapter 5

Rebuilding a Kingdom with Modern Knowledge Cheat

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Sudden Change
“Haa, haa, haa……”

I who finally ejaculated, slowly pulled my penis out from Claire’s mouth.
The saliva and semen covered dick releases a fresh scent off sex.

“Whoaa…… That was so good…… a……”

I breathe in deeply and exhale with delight.
Not mentioning the penis which accomplished a grand ejaculation, the slight numbness that went from the waist down was still vivid.

It was very refreshing.

I loosened my cheeks and immersed myself in the comfortable lingering feeling after an ejaculation.

“Fu…… This is the taste of Abel……”

I look at Claire with a sigh, a white line is hanging from the edge of her mouth.
Her neat and clean face features are flushed in pink, it looks very captivating under the dim light.
Uwa, Claire’s expression…… Too erotic.

I gazed at her face unconsciously.

It wouldn’t be strange if I entered a sage mode after finishing the ejaculation.
That is the physiology of a man.

But I received a direct hit from Claire’s charm, a new desire welled within my stomach.

I can feel the blood flowing in a rush to the penis.
I just ejaculated, and the organ which was half asleep raised again.

“Ku…… u…… u……”

A light groan leaks unintentionally.
With the feeling of expanding inside out, my symbol organ regained its glory in no time.

“It got bi, big again……!? Amazing……”

Claire opened her blue eyes wide in surprise.

In front of those eyes, my penis swings into a full erection.
From the dark red end of my tip remains of sperm dripped on the floor.
“Claire, I……”

I can’t settle down with just fellatio.

I want to do more comfy things.
I want to feel more comfortable with Claire.

With the desire welling up, I look at my female knight childhood friend with passionate eyes──

“…… Abel. Abel!”

I heard a voice.

What is, where is this place──

My eyes become blurry, I can’t see well ahead.

No, wasn’t I facing Claire just a while ago?

What is happening……

While confused, my eyesight slowly clears, Claire’s face jumps in my vision.

“Until when are you going to sleep, Abel?”

“Eh, huh……?”

Just a while ago, Claire was giving me a blowjob, what just happened?
My memories are vague again.

It was my room when I looked around.


“After the banquet ended you returned home right away? Geez. Are you sleepy?”

Claire puffs out her cheeks.

“By any chance, was that a dream……?”

No, it was awfully vivid for a dream.

I don’t think it was a simple dream.
Then, what was it?

“Possibly, that was──”

When I came up with a certain hypothesis, at that moment,

“Ki, kyaa!”

Claire suddenly gave out a cute scream.

“What’s wrong, Claire?”

I stop my thoughts and stare at my childhood friend.

“Th, t, that……”

Claire starts fidgeting with a red face, frequently looking towards me.
Why is she acting so embarrassed?

“──The hell, my thing is completely erect!?”

Is it the fault of that previous dream(?).
A smelly scent drifts to my nose, was that perhaps a wet dream?

“So, sorry.”

Feeling embarrassed, I put both hands on my crotch and hid my erection.

“Putting that aside, it’s serious, Abel.”

The recovered Claire said.

When I see that her face is still red, I became more embarrassed.
Her shoulders slightly quivering and her voice trembling.
Such a shy gesture is strangely cute.

“Quickly evacuate to a safe place.”

Claire says with a dignified expression.
Then, I finally noticed her figure that was wearing her Silver Knight armor.
Yes, the design is the same as the one from the dream.


“The envoy of our arch-enemy the Magic Emperor came to the village.”

Claire told me with a grim expression.

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