Chapter 4

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The Fellatio Service of Female Knight ・ Part 2※
“Kyaa…… it, it got, big again……!?”

Claire retreats with her mouth away in surprise.
She stares at my valiant thing that touched my navel in amazement.

“So man’s thing can get so big……”

She gets her face closer again while talking.
The pink tip of her tongue touches my glans lightly.

“Ku, fua…… uu……”

As her mouth tickles my urethra opening, I lean back unintentionally.

It was to the point I felt like my dick is melting.
Slurp, slurp….. On this mysterious early morning day, Claire’s tongue swirls around my glans.
I was licked to the point of having goosebumps, it was as an electric current ran through my body.

“It’s throbbing…… Chuu…… Does it feel good…… rero……?”

Claire eagerly asks while coiling her tongue around my rod.

“Y, yes….. Keep going….. n…..!”

That was all I could say.

The rough skin on the tongue is tickling me all over my penis, of course, it feels good.
Real girl──In addition, an unbelievable bishoujo is serving my penis with her tongue like a slave.

Such a scene of conquest is unbearably stimulating, it drives my excitement.

Like in an illusion, the blood gathers from all over my body──
To my penis which reached the culmination of passion, ready to burst.

“Can…… you swallow it all…..?”

Anxiety shows on Claire’s beautiful face, but she puts her lips on the glans.
She opens her mouth timidly and swallows the whole glans.

“N…..!? Guuu…… Fu, guu.”

While being surprised more than expected, Claire opens her eyes wide and her eyes become teary.

“N, jiyu….. mu, u….. wa, fuu…..”

She swallows it little by little, zururi, zururi, while adjusting her breathing.


On the other hand, I enter a dream-like state.

The fresh, young lips wrapped around my glans.
A pleasant feeling is melting my penis.

I was staying completely mesmerized, not moving an inch.

“Chuu, pu….. n…..!”

Claire who somehow managed to swallow everything started thrusting her head slowly.

As expected because it’s her first time, the movements are awkward.

Her tongue climbs all over my meat rod, the constant friction and saliva became a lubricant, making the sensation unbearably comfortable.

Of course, doing it with myself with hand can’t compare.
It imitates the physical touch, but being served by a girl stimulates my mental state, increasing the pleasure by several, dozens of times.

“The taste since a while ago…… Chuu, uu…..”

Claire looks up to my while giving me a blowjob.
It comfortable and it’s getting better, the saliva oozes from her mouth.

“Sweet, slightly salty….. Nu, gukuu…..”

Claire’s cheeks narrow tightly while she continues sucking.

It’s a unique look peculiar to fellatio.
Otherwise, this look would be considered funny, however if such a beautiful girl like Claire does it, the seductive part paints over the funny part.

I look down at that erotic face earnestly, passion sets my lower body ablaze.

“O, u…… kuaa….. good…..!”

My expression became relaxed and I panted.

My dick is under sweet pressure by the tightened cheeks.

My penis vigorously shakes inside of her cramped small mouth.
The stimulation of pressure and friction is so pleasant, it wouldn’t be surprising if I ejaculated at any moment.

I want to cum inside Claire’s mouth just like that──
I want to prolong this feeling without taking it out──

The impulse to ejaculate and the passion for continuing conflict within me.

“Chuu, muu….. reroo….. muchiyuu, chiyuu, chiyuuuu…..”

Meanwhile, Claire continued using her mouth.

Suck, suck, kiss…..

Her sucking accelerates, the saliva splashing around.
Her tongue skillfully coils and separates from my glans many times, the sexual stimulation of my penis increases.

These are probably not conscious actions, but an unconscious tongue technique.
The sweet stimulation comes in consecutive waves making my dick tingle.

When a bishoujo is kneeling before you, blowing you out, the pleasant stimulation on meat rod stacks and like an electric current sends the pleasant feelings up to the spine.

“U, aa, I’m coming……!”

I was excited and ejaculated shortly after.

Doku! Dokukudoku! Dobiyuruuuuuu!

“N, guuu!? Fumu, n, faaaa…… Chiyuu……”

Claire is surprised by the large amount of semen flowing out to her mouth, she widens her eyes and struggles to breathe.

Even so, I still don’t take out my penis, on the contrary, I firmly plug it in, with my dick in her mouth, I poured semen right in her throat.

“Uaa, still…… coming….. ku, u….. coming…..!”

I continue to release more.
I pour semen in Claire’s small mouth by force until my testicles are empty.

I’m having such good ejaculation for the first time ever.
My brain was intoxicated with the refreshing feeling of pleasure.

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